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1. Introduction and Updates
2. FAQ
3. Walkthrough
a. The Beginning
b. Daila to Kandorean Temple
c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau
d. Indra Cavern to Garoh
e. Air's Rock
f. Garoh revisited to Alhafra and Osenia Caverns
g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo
h. Gabomba Statue to Madra Catacombs
i. Lemurian Ship to Shrine of the Sea God
j. Yallam to Apojii Islands
k. Aqua Rock
l. Tundaria Tower to Izumo
m. Gaia Rock to Alhafra Revisited
n. Champa to Champa Revisited
o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement
p. Shaman Village Cave to Contigo
q. Jupiter Lighthouse
r. Contigo Revisited to Gondowan Settlement
s. Magma Rock
t. Loho to Prox
u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending
v. Yampi Desert Cave
w. Sea of Time Islet Cave
x. Treasure Isle
y. Anemos Sanctum
4. Boss Guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5. Djinn Guide
1, 2, 3, 4
6. Summons FAQ
1, 2, 3, 4
7. Sound Test Listing
8. Forged Items Guide
9. General Item Guide
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
10. RNG Guide
11. Legal Information

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written by DarthMarth


g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo

You can't fully explore this area until you get your 4th party member. As you enter, you'll see a dog sniffing around on the ground. Use Scoop on the sandy spot near him and you'll unearth a geyser. Stand over it and when it lifts you up, jump off onto the cliff. Slide down the chute and hop over the gap. Go left and up. Pass by the post here; you're on the wrong end to use Lash. Climb the two vines and head left to find three chutes. Slide down the middle one and keep going around the cliffs to find a large brown stump. Move it left into the water. Go back on this cliff and slide down the chute, then climb down the vine to some platforms on the water. Now that you Moved the stump down, you should be able to jump to another vine. Climb it and go up to another vine. Once you've climbed it, go down around to a short gap you can jump. Climb down the nearby vine after jumping. Go up and climb the series of four vines (don't walk the tightrope just yet). Go around the northeast part of the cliffs. You'll see a puddle, but you can't do anything with it yet. Keep going down to find a Mars Djinni, Kindle. Defeat it in battle to have it join you. Go up and right to yet another vine. Go southeast and climb down two more vines, go south to find the Laughing Fungus. Now, return to the tightrope, cross it, and go southwest to the other side of Gondowan Cliffs. Exit it and head north on the world map. You'll see a town up ahead, but don't enter it yet. Cross the bridge to the southwest. Go due south, crossing another bridge, to the southern tip of Gondowan. Walk around in the southeast forest here until a Mercury Djinni, Chill, appears. As usual, defeat it to make it join you. Now, return to Naribwe.

There is not much to do in this tribal town. There are a few treasures like a Thorn Crown that can easily be reached with Psynergy. You should also visit the basic facilities of any town, like the shops. And before you leave, enter the building in the northeast corner of the town. For 20 coins and your Laughing Fungus, the witch doctor will read your fortune. After he's done with his little dance, exit Naribwe and keep going north. It shouldn't be hard to get to Kibombo Mountains.

Apparently, a ritual is going on in Kibombo up ahead, and the mountains are heavily guarded to prevent people from coming and intruding on the ceremony. Once you reach some stairs with two torches, avoid the guards by going to the right. Push the box here to as far right and up in its indentation as it will go, and then Move the other box to the left. Climb the vine and hop across. Climb up the next vine and go northwest, across the gate. Head southeast and push the pillar down, then climb the next vine. Go up the stairway to... A box! There is a guard on the other side of it, so stay behind it and push it to the right until you can climb the vine. Go right until you reach a chute on the cliff side. Slide down it and go up to a treasure chest containing the Disk Axe! Equip it to Felix, but save the Storm Brand; it will come in handy once your fourth party member joins you in the next town. Now, do back to the chute and use the pillar here to prevent the guard from catching you climbing the vine. Go back to beyond the chute and use Lash to get across the canyon. Go north to the other area.

You can hop right across some tree trunks to get past the guard up here, but to get the Power Bread, move the box on the ledge he patrols near so that it lands on him. You can now safely pick up the Power Bread. Continue on the path and climb the viney trunk. Hop across the two next trunks and push the pillar so that it traps the watchdog to the south of it. Climb beck down and enter the cave north of the two tree trunks. Take the Smoke Bomb from one of the boxes and exit. To prevent the dog from alerting a guard now, use Tremor on the box to knock a bone to the ground. Now that the dog is distracted, go down to the area he was trapped in and open the chest to get a Tear Stone, your first forgeable material. Go back northeast and enter another cave. Go around the loop to the exit. Climb the vines and make your way along the ledges past the last guard. Climb down the vines and stairs and exit the mountains. Continue north across the small piece of land until you reach Kibombo.

Because of a ceremony concerning someone named Akafubu, all the buildings are blocked off with torches. You learn that Akafubu led a team of Kibombo warriors to steal Piers' Black Orb from Madra to replace the "faulty" jewel he used before. Akafubu is trying to make the Great Gabomba (the Kibombo deity) notice his jewel and take it in his tongue (weird...). Go back to the entrance of town and go left through some statues. Lash the rope to the post and climb it. Hop across the pillars and head north. Hop across more pillars and a rooftop to reach the other side of the village. Continue north to the area where Akafubu is performing his ceremony. You'll meet up with Piers! Your party talks with him about how Piers is trying to get back his Orb, which allows him to operate his ship. You also see Akafubu performing the ceremony. He uses the Lift Psynergy to move the Orb up to the Gabomba, which opens its eyes! However, it soon stops noticing and closes them. Piers thinks that the reason the Gabomba is not awakening is because something is wrong inside it. He can't find a way to reach the statue, though. Use Move on the pillar up ahead. Piers is amazed that you are Adepts and reveals that he is an Adept also. Even more amazingly, Piers is a Lemurian! He and Kraden have a long talk about Babi and Lemuria. Once they are done, Piers decides to team up with you to get the Black Orb and joins your party! Take the Psynergy Stone up above if you are running out of PP, then go around the back of the statue and climb down the vine. Use Scoop on the crack of ground near the vine and climb down the ladder.

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