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1. Introduction and Updates
2. FAQ
3. Walkthrough
a. The Beginning
b. Daila to Kandorean Temple
c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau
d. Indra Cavern to Garoh
e. Air's Rock
f. Garoh revisited to Alhafra and Osenia Caverns
g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo
h. Gabomba Statue to Madra Catacombs
i. Lemurian Ship to Shrine of the Sea God
j. Yallam to Apojii Islands
k. Aqua Rock
l. Tundaria Tower to Izumo
m. Gaia Rock to Alhafra Revisited
n. Champa to Champa Revisited
o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement
p. Shaman Village Cave to Contigo
q. Jupiter Lighthouse
r. Contigo Revisited to Gondowan Settlement
s. Magma Rock
t. Loho to Prox
u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending
v. Yampi Desert Cave
w. Sea of Time Islet Cave
x. Treasure Isle
y. Anemos Sanctum
4. Boss Guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5. Djinn Guide
1, 2, 3, 4
6. Summons FAQ
1, 2, 3, 4
7. Sound Test Listing
8. Forged Items Guide
9. General Item Guide
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
10. RNG Guide
11. Legal Information

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written by DarthMarth


u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending

First, climb a ladder right of the entrance to the Lighthouse and grab an Apple below one of the elevator shafts, then enter the door below. In the Lighthouse lobby, climb the right-hand stairs and fight the Mimic behind the Pound pillar for a Cookie. Then enter the door right of the stairs at the top of the room. Ignore the large ice block and exit the other door. From this door, exit the lobby from the leftmost door. Go around through this hallway to the stairs. Up ahead, use Pound to get through the pipe and enter the next room. You can't get the Mars Djinni in here for a while, but you can Grind the block of ice (this is the top of the ice slab you saw on the lower floor). This makes a huge crack in it below. Return to that room and finish the ice off with Burst, then go through the door. You'll see a large, ornate circle in here, but you can't do anything with it yet. Go off to the left hallway and climb the short stairs. Enter the door at their top. This room gets kind of frustrating, so save often to avoid having to start all over. Basically, you must use Move to get the dragon-shaped statue to the other side of the room. The dragoon statue blocks any jets of flame from the dragon heads that are on the top wall. Unfortunately, when Moving it farther to the right, you must briefly relinquish your cover. Only Move the statue when the dragon head it's in front of is far away, quickly get behind it again, and save often so you don't have to start over if you mess up. Once you get it into the indentation in front of the stationary dragon head to the right, go down the next staircase.

In here, first go left onto the frozen pool. From the ground, go left, up, right, down, left. Then go down into the door and through the hall. Use Blaze to light the unlit torch and fire the dragon head. This cracks a large block of ice. Return to the ice pool room and use the door you didn't already. Go down the stairs below and use Burst to break apart the cracked ice. Don't enter it, take the unused doorway back up the short stairs. Once again, use Blaze to fire a dragon head and go through the exposed door. You'll be in an ornate hallway. Go through the middle of the 3 doors and take the precious Orihalcon from the chest. Then take the right door to a long hallway. Every few seconds, a dragon's head at the top of the hall shoots a massive fireball down the central corridor. Go up the paths on both sides of this central corridor and Pound down all the pillars in the small "nooks" on either side. Then use these nooks to avoid the fireballs as you make your way to the door. At the end of a long hall, you'll arrive at a large ice pool. Use Move on the dragon statue directly left of the door to move it left across a small piece of ice. Then, get onto the ice rink and go: down, left, down, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, and down to a Mercury Djinni. Defeat Balm and have it join you, then go back up and go up the stairs. You'll arrive above another circle. Time to get a new Psynergy: slide down the chute and take the Teleport Lapis from the chest! Try it out on the Teleport circle to teleport to the one you saw earlier. Return through the hall to the left and down the stairs. On this floor, return to the door you defrosted but skipped. It seems empty, but look at the blocks. Use Reveal, then Teleport to get to a ledge above the Orihalcon chest (hopefully empty).

Enter the staircase to reach a very tricky room. Before you attempt the gauntlet here, go down the short stairs and walk all the way to the left, checking out the Pound course in the corridor and the looming dragon head at the end. Take the powerful Valkyrie Mail from the chest above the dragon's head. Return to where you entered the room. You now have two options after you slide down the chute. You'll trigger a glowing dragon head to start moving along a track as you land. This head is heading straight for the large dragon head you saw on the other side of the room. When it gets there, it will shoot a huge fireball down the corridor! Your first option is to race the head down. This is entirely possible; just run all the way and set Pound to L or R. If you don't want to risk getting hit by the fireball, wait on the button you landed on for a while until the flame passes safely by. This not only gives you twice the time to reach the far door, it also clears out all the obstacles from the path. Once you exit this room, don't use the Teleport circle yet. Go up through the hall ahead to find out what would have happened if you had used it. You would have appeared right in front of a loaded dragon head! Use Move to get a statue in front of the torch controlling the dragon head to disable it. Return to the Teleport circle and use it now. Climb the ladder and go through another hall. When you reach the next room, you'll probably see the chest and think "oh, another Nut. Oh well." Well, DON'T IGNORE THE CHEST! It contains the most powerful weapon in the game, the Sol Blade! It can only be equipped to Isaac of Felix, but it has a huge attack bonus and the best unleash in the game, which can easily deal over 1000 damage to many enemies! To reach it, you'll have to do a new pillar hopping puzzle. Some of the platforms have ice on them. You must avoid jumping so that you slide down to the floor below. It still isn't too hard to reach the insanely powerful Sol Blade, though. After you get it, slide down to the floor below, reclimb the stairs, and hop across to the next room.

Follow the series of hallways, stairs, and doors until you reach a larger room. At the end of a walkway above a frozen pool, you'll see two dragons encased in a huge slab of ice. Standby all the Djinn you'll need for Summons; there's a Boss Battle coming up. When you're ready, use Blaze to light the unlit torch, then Burst the cracked ice slab. The dragons thaw and attack you!

These bosses are not all that hard if you set enough Djinni to standby. Remember to Summon Haures and Eclipse often and concentrate on one dragon. After you've Summoned all you can, finish off the dragon you weakened most with Psynergy and the Sol Blade. Then repeat for the other one. Remember to leave enough Set Djinni on at least one party member so they can have the Wish series of Psynergy. You'll notice something strange in the fight. The Flame Dragons have many of the same attacks as Agatio and Karst, like Rolling Flame, Meteor Blow, Djinnfest, and Stun Muscle. Rising Dragon is replaced with Flame Breath, but their movesets are very similar-could there be a connection?

After you defeat the Dragons and get a Psy Crystal, they transform into, you guessed it... Agatio and Karst! They obviously don't know what happened when they were transformed into the Flame Dragons. They start to remember their mission. They wandered around lost because the Lighthouse was frozen, unable to find the aerie. Now that you've beaten them, they are too drained to finish their mission! They even feel cold, which the Fire Clan is supposed to be immune to. They start to think they're going to die up here in the Lighthouse. Agatio suddenly remembers something else. An eye told them they don't have the will to go further... was this "eye" an illusion? Do you even remember ever seeing an eye on your journeys? You should if you played Golden Sun. Could the eye have turned them into dragons? They start to remember their fight against you. Agatio suddenly notices you standing next to him. Because they are too weak to even stand, Agatio and Karst beg you to finish their quest and give you the Mars Star. Go up to the dragon head behind the other two that helped defrost the dragons and give it the Mars Star (it's in Felix's Mythril Bag). This doesn't light the Lighthouse, but it definitely warms it up. The Lighthouse glows red and once again fills with lava. Now Retreat and enter the lobby again.

Climb up the left stairs and use Blaze to fire the dragon head at the ice on the right side of the room. Use Burst to blow it up, then go through the door and make your way to the Mars Djinni you saw earlier, Fugue. Defeat it, then return to the lobby and go up the stairs in the center of the room. On this floor, hop over the platforms on the lava and go up more stairs. The large dragon head in this room will tell you telepathically that to scale the heavens and reach the aerie, you must light the 4 symbols. It doesn't mean the 4 symbols in this room, though. It does open 4 new paths. Walk in front of each symbol to reveal a path you can take to one of the 4 towers on the top of Mars Lighthouse. I'll start with the fish symbol.

Go through the hallway to outside the Lighthouse. Get across the freezing bridge and enter the tower. Go through another hall to an ice pond. To reach the top door, go left, down, right, up, left, up. Go down the stairs to a puzzle room. In here, there are 2 puddles and 3 pushable sections of pipe. Push the middle section up first, and then Freeze both puddles. Roll the top pillar to the right and the middle pillar back down, and then roll the bottom pillar up. This will light a torch in the previous room. Return to that room and slide down to a pit on the bottom of the room. Climb back up to the normal level and go to the ladder (the directions are like before only the second to last step is right, not left). Use Blaze to ignite the steam the small dragon head is shooting, which activates the big one and clears a path. From the right side of the room, go left, down, right, down, and left. Enter the next hall and exit through the bottom door to emerge at the top of the tower. Use Blaze on the blue torch facing the top wall of the enclosure to make a burning fish symbol appear. Now use Retreat and return to the symbol room. The blue torch around the dragon head will be lit.

Now enter the bird symbol. Go through the hallways until you reach a choice of two Cyclone portals. Take the left one and you'll be at another choice. Take the left one again and use Move of the dragon statue to the right to move it in front of a fire-breathing dragon head. Slide down the slope and climb the ladder to the right. Go through the two Cyclone portals to be at the first room and take the left one again. This time take the right portal at the second fork and walk up. Climb down the ladder and go to the right to 6 blocks in the Reveal symbol. Use Reveal, then Cyclone. Go through the next Cyclone portal and to the northwest. Use Move to get the Hover conduit into place when the nearby dragon head is up near the ceiling. Then let it push you over the ledge. Return to the ladder and use Hover to get over the other moving dragon head, to another Cyclone portal. Prepare yourself as you use it; you'll appear right in front of a loaded dragon head! Quickly dash off to the left and take the Psy Crystal, then run down the corridor as soon as it spits fire again. Use Reveal at the 6 platforms and hop out of the path of the fireballs. Go down and through another door to the top. Light the bird symbol like you did the fish symbol and then return to the symbol room. Take the dragon door this time.

After the usual hallway and bridge, don't enter the tower yet. On the right side of the ledge around it, take Alastor's Hood from the chest. Then enter the tower. Use Burst on the two cracked walls in this chamber and enter the left one. Hop to a button in the upper left corner of the room and press it to make a dragon head light a torch. Then hop from the right doorway and use Blaze to make the dragon head in the center of the room crack the center wall in the room before. Burst this one open and hop to the next doorway. Go around a bend in a pipeline here and push a pipe upward into place. Go down through the way the pipe was blocking and you'll have a choice of two stairs leading under pipe to choose from. Take the bottom one first (notice the dragon head blocking the path) and use Move to get the dragon statue left, closer to the dragon head. Take the other stairs and Move the statue in front of the head. Go up the way it was blocking and through a longer tunnel on top of the room. Push the pipe you pushed up earlier back down and return to before the last stairs, to the other fire-spitting head. Go through the way it was preventing you from taking and through the bottom doorway to the dragon symbol room. Light it like you did the others and return to the symbol room. Now take the final door: the human.

Once you reach the inside of this tower, you'll have a choice of 3 statues to move aside. One contains a door; the other two have fire-spitting dragon heads. Move aside the right-hand statue and go through. You now have 4 statues to choose from. A doorway has already been revealed. Move aside the far left statue and enter. Take the stairs up to the main room. You'll have to solve a Carry puzzle. Don't push the block on the ledge into either of the slots; fill those with the blocks on the ground and push the higher one across to block a dragon head. Walk over a tightrope and push a statue right onto the ground to open a shortcut past the Carry puzzle. Save before attempting the next part. Because glass is made of sand, you can somehow use Sand on the two glass squares to the left. Use Sand to get past the two dragon heads and exit the room through the bottom. Finally, light the human symbol and return to the symbol room. The dragon head will make a Teleport circle appear. Save, adjust your party, and put your Djinn on standby according to my Doom Dragon FAQ. That's right: you're almost to the final boss! Before you engage the Doom Dragon, however, you are strongly recommended to go on the 4 sidequests in the following chapters to make your final battle much easier. Anyway, once you've done those and returned with all the powerful Summon attacks, prepare yourself and Teleport on the new circle.

As you approach the aerie, a voice calling you "betrayers" welcomes you. You can't see the speaker through the strong winds, but you decide to throw the Mars Star in before it's too late. The voice asks if you still want to light the beacon and seems to recognize Isaac and Garet. It tells you to search your heart, and Garet, somehow acting smart, realizes it's the Wise One from the beginning of Golden Sun! What's he doing here, and why does he still think the Lighthouses shouldn't be lit? He must have been the one who turned Agatio and Karst into dragons! You start talking about the Wise One's power and how he held back the eruption at Mt. Aleph. The Wise One asks why you have come to light Mars Lighthouse after he gave you the task of preventing just that. Jenna tells it that Prox will be destroyed if they don't, but the Wise One says you should leave them to the fate they deserve after trying to light the Lighthouses. You try to convince it of the danger the world is in without Alchemy. The Wise One seems to hold many of the same views Conservato did and has the same stubbornness. The Wise One says that the end of the world by mankind's hand will come sooner than you think if you light the beacon. The Wise One tells you that your "friend" Alex is climbing Mt. Aleph right now. Jenna asks what Alex is doing there (but now how he got there when you can't) and the Wise One replies that he knows more about what will happen when Alchemy is released then you do. The power of the Lighthouses will all gather at Sol Sanctum and merge into the Golden Sun (you were wondering how the series got its name, weren't you?). The Golden Sun is the pure power of Alchemy finally made real and is what forms the Stone of Sages. The Wise One says that this has been Alex's objective for all these years: to act weaker than he is and manipulate people into lighting all the Beacons, and then receive the power of Alchemy at Sol Sanctum!

Even if you are risking giving Alex infinite power, Isaac decides that you must still light the beacon to save Prox. The Wise One says he can't interfere with your actions. Jenna says that he can't stop you from lighting the beacon if this is true. As you try to light it, the Wise One blocks you! He says that he cannot hold you off from lighting the beacon. But what if a miracle were to suddenly occur, one that stopped you from lighting Mars Lighthouse? Obviously the Wise One is up to something; he says you can only light the beacon if you can defeat a miracle. Suddenly, miraculously true to his word, a 3-headed dragon swoops down from the sky and lands in front of you! Garet comments that he and Isaac already beat a two-headed dragon on Venus Lighthouse; how much harder could this one be? As you move to fight the beast, Kraden, remembering who the Fusion Dragon really was, realizes who this dragon really is and cries out to you now to fight it. Too late, though. You're already in battle with the...

Cool name, huh? It would take far too long to retype my strategy for the Doom Dragon. For info on how to beat him, see my Boss Guide. To take up more space, I'll let you do some guesswork on whom the Doom Dragons really is. Here are some hints: first, what 3 characters do you think could have merged to form this monstrosity? Could the color of the Doom Dragon's heads be the answer? Maybe its two yellow heads and one red head mean it's made out of 2 Venus Adepts and 1 Mars Adept. And also, what 3 characters would be free to come up here and fuse? In other words, which 3 Adepts could have gone to the Mars Lighthouse without you noticing them before?

After you beat the Doom Dragon, it splits apart into 3 unfamiliar people. Or are they? Everyone asks Kraden why he asked you not to fight the dragon. He says you didn't just kill the dragon, you also killed the 3 people it was formed from. Because it couldn't stop you from lighting the beacon, the Wise One instead played a cruel trick on you. Jenna tells Sheba to help her see who the 3 people were as you try to sort this out. Kraden tells her not to look; it will only bring her pain. As Jenna sees the face of one of them, she backs away, too horrified to speak. The 3 people that formed the Doom Dragon were actually Jenna and Felix's parents, and Isaac's father! The Wise One must have taken them from Prox and formed them into the Doom Dragon. Mia and Piers try to heal them, but it doesn't work. Kraden tries to comfort Jenna by saying that being turned into a dragon requires a huge amount of energy, as you saw with Agatio and Karst. Even if the Doom Dragon had won, it still would have died. Garet, Sheba, and Piers start getting mad at the Wise One and yell out to him. Isaac tells them to be quiet and says he knew who he was fighting as soon as the battle started. You decide that you still have a mission, as painful as it may be. Control switches back to you (alone as Felix). Talk to your party and dying parents if you want, but then light the Beacon when you're ready.

After you light the beacon, some children begin talking to you telepathically! They tell Mia that they're at the base of Mercury Lighthouse. They say that in a dream, "he" told them to spread the warning to everyone at Mercury Lighthouse to stay clear of it, and Mt. Aleph. Garet demands to know who "he" is, scaring the little children. Mia asks them and they describe the Wise One to her! Everyone wonders why the Wise One would try to save people from the Lighthouses and the power of Alchemy if he's so evil. Master Hamma starts talking to you and says that although the Wise One looks evil, he is really caring. Everyone asks what's so caring about making you kill your own parents. Hamma asks if the Wise One is really so evil if he was warning people away from the Lighthouses to save them. She warns you to get off Mars Lighthouse fast, and then is gone. Just as you are deciding if you'll take your parents along, the beacon changes to an evil black and yellow-the Golden Sun is forming! As you talk about what is happening and your escape, Garet suddenly thinks he's being grabbed by someone. This is never explained in The Lost Age, but it soon ends. As you try to escape with your parents, a bright flight flares up as the scene ends.

You are in the town hall here. The Prox elder and leader are congratulating you on lighting the Lighthouse and saving Weyard. But did your parents make it out? Anyway, the Proxians describe the sight of the beacon being lit and the Golden Sun appearing over Vale. You start to say your goodbyes, but you then find out that the Proxians brought your parents back from the brink of death! Somehow, the fire Psynergy from Mars Lighthouse recharged them (you found that Earth and Fire have a symbiotic relationship when this same thing happened on Venus Lighthouse) and rekindled their life. Jenna comes in and says that everyone else is ready to go and that you should hurry up. After saying goodbye again, you regain control. Once you're ready, go to the entrance area of Prox. Your parents are waiting for you! You discuss the fate of Vale and your trip back home, and then your parents, Mia, Sheba, and Piers leave. Garet asks Kraden if he thinks Vale will be all right when they arrive. Kraden says he doesn't know, but Garet's parents will definitely be safe because of the Wise One's warning. Before Isaac, Kraden, and you leave, Kraden guesses why the Wise One made you fight your parents. He must have been testing you to see if you would sacrifice your parents to save the world and thus be worthy of Alchemy. You probably passed that test! As the credits roll, you see Alex climbing Mt. Aleph, just like the Wise One said. He is hurrying to reach the summit before the Golden Sun rises. You also see the Lighthouses sending their beams to Sol Sanctum. After the credits finish, you see Alex standing on Mt. Aleph with his arms outstretched. A huge beam shines on him. When it ends, he is excited by his new power and tests it by creating a storm over Vale. But, nothing happens. He tries again, but still nothing. The Wise One flies up to him and asks if he wants limitless power. Alex says he already has it and shows the Wise One his new strength by pushing it backwards when it says his power is not as limitless as he thinks. The Wise One demonstrates the limits of Alex's power by slamming him on the peak of Mt. Aleph and stunning you. When Alex demands to know why he isn't invincible, the Wise One tells him he put some of the Golden Sun's power in the Mars Star, which transferred it to Isaac. An earthquake starts. Alex, unable to get up, falls into the earth as Mt. Aleph is swallowed.

The screen changes to black on black as your party and family approaches Vale. Isaac and you decide to go ahead to see if anything has happened. In his most amazing feat since Trial Road, Felix manages to speak a near-complete sentence! In more famous words, "I'm sorry, Jenna, but... Vale... Mt. Aleph... They're gone!" Isaac, Kyle (his dad) and Garet mourn the loss of their families. Felix amazingly talks more, telling them to go to nearby Vault to rest and think. Garet says that would be easy for someone who isn't all alone in the world to think. Now Sheba utters one of the strangest quotes in the game: "Aw... Poor baby..." This leads Mia to think Sheba and Garet... You can guess whet she is thinking even if she doesn't say it. As Garet is getting mad at everyone laughing, someone tells him to cheer up. A little kid also laughs and says he got to see his brother crying-it's Garet's family! Isaac's mother also made it out of Vale! After a few touching images of everyone greeting each other, the game ends and you can save your clear data. Great game, no?

  Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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