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1. Introduction and Updates
2. FAQ
3. Walkthrough
a. The Beginning
b. Daila to Kandorean Temple
c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau
d. Indra Cavern to Garoh
e. Air's Rock
f. Garoh revisited to Alhafra and Osenia Caverns
g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo
h. Gabomba Statue to Madra Catacombs
i. Lemurian Ship to Shrine of the Sea God
j. Yallam to Apojii Islands
k. Aqua Rock
l. Tundaria Tower to Izumo
m. Gaia Rock to Alhafra Revisited
n. Champa to Champa Revisited
o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement
p. Shaman Village Cave to Contigo
q. Jupiter Lighthouse
r. Contigo Revisited to Gondowan Settlement
s. Magma Rock
t. Loho to Prox
u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending
v. Yampi Desert Cave
w. Sea of Time Islet Cave
x. Treasure Isle
y. Anemos Sanctum
4. Boss Guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5. Djinn Guide
1, 2, 3, 4
6. Summons FAQ
1, 2, 3, 4
7. Sound Test Listing
8. Forged Items Guide
9. General Item Guide
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
10. RNG Guide
11. Legal Information

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written by DarthMarth


o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement

You remember the song you were taught in Yallam? Well, now it's time to put it to use. First, here are some techniques you should know:

Transferring from one whirlpool to another: Whirlpools litter the Sea of Time. To get from one whirlpool to another, get to the outside edge of the current and try to sail with it until you are adjacent to the whirlpool you want to transfer to. Then, angle your direction towards the other WP and you should transfer.

Getting from a whirlpool to a square area: This is kind of tricky. Once again, go with the current on the outside edge of the whirlpool. When you are just starting to pass the entrance to the square area or maybe just before, start trying to sail into it and you should enter. Using the volcanoes:

The volcanoes are used to briefly turn off the angular currents near them. First, sail so that you are around the volcano but as close to the angular current as possible. Pause for a moment, then sail around the volcano, never stopping, until the current stops. Quickly sail across where it was before it comes back and sweeps you away.

Now, here is a basic walkthrough of the Sea of Time. Go straight up across some whirlpools to a volcano, Sail around it until the current disappears and sail across where it was. Go right across it to another whirlpool and get off it to a calm area. After you get in, go up across some more 'pools to another volcano. Use this one and go up to the star symbol. Go left across 3 more whirlpools and use the volcano to go back down. Keep going down to a calm area and left to another volcano. Turn off the current and go down to the moon symbol. Keep going down to another volcano. Go across the current zone to the left and to a calm area, then up across 6 whirlpools to the final volcano. Deactivate the current above you and sail to the next area. Cross one more whirlpool, but save and standby 6 Mercury, 2 Mars, and 4 Venus and Jupiter Djinn before going up the short current. After it takes you to near 3 large volcanoes, the beast that caused the tidal wave and ocean warming appears in a whirlpool: it's time for a Boss battle!

If you remember, the only way to damage Poseidon is with the Trident. Hopefully you equipped it to your strongest character. Use it as an item on Poseidon to breaks the forcefield that protects him from damage. After the Summon rush, have Sheba continue to use the Trident to damage Poseidon while Jenna heals, Felix uses Ragnarok, and Piers attacks or uses Diamond Dust. Repeat and keep well healed until Poseidon is beaten. Be careful of his Watery Grave and Counter-Rush moves. If Poseidon uses Counter-Rush, he'll automatically attack anyone who damages him this turn. And besides damaging all your party member, Watery Grave has a chance to automatically down a character! Keep Waters of Life or the Revive Psynergy on at least two characters and don't waste your time with revival Djinn. After you defeat Poseidon, he disappears into the water and several rocks appear around him. Head north from where he was and exit the Sea of Time. What's that tower/city up ahead? It's...

LEMURIA At last, you're in the fabled civilization of Lemuria! To reach the actual city, sail through the catacombs (ignore the rock like in the Sea of Time) and head right to the dock. Weird... 7 other ships identical to your are parked at the dock. Sail up to the far right dock and you'll automatically switch to controlling Felix on the deck. Before you disembark for the lost city, enter the ship again. Head through the door from Piers' cabin and go down the stairs to the right. The boxes that made your trek through the ship so much longer have been removed, so go through the far door after them. Use Parch on the water here from the platform you enter on and climb down the ladder. Open the chest to get a Mist Potion. Now leave you ship and get off. Head around the ruins to some stairs. You'll see a statue blocking you from jumping over a gap. Use Move to get it out of the way. Someone up ahead recognizes Move as Psynergy! The two teal-haired Lemurian guards up ahead must be Adepts! They ask who you are and if you defeated Poseidon. After they find out you did, they say you are too dangerous to enter Lemuria because of their king's orders. Kraden asks who their king is and they reply it's King Hydros. He has ruled over Lemuria for centuries (probably with Lemurian draught) and decreed that Lemuria must be kept safe from outsiders. Piers asks if they consider him too dangerous also. The guards are obviously surprised that Piers has returned, but don't listen to his promise that they won't cause trouble. Kraden asks if their king is really so important, making them mad enough to call him an insolent "pup". Kraden is offended and says that he's twice as old as they are. Piers warn him that either of the guards is older than your whole party put together. Everyone grows older in Lemuria because time passes so slowly there. After Kraden apologizes for getting mad, the guards wonder if King Hydros would make an exception for them; he has been waiting for new from outside. They tell you to wait and leave for the King. Because time passes slowly for Lemurians, you could be kept waiting for a very long time, so the guards decide to just let you in.

Lemuria is the most advanced civilization you have reached yet. There are no diseases, no wars, and everyone lives for centuries. It may seem like a paradise, but everyone is getting tired of living the same life day after day. There are only two children in Lemuria because they remain children for so little of their life. Lemuria is even duller because there is a law preventing people from leaving; Piers is the only one to see the outside world. If you want some interesting information, you should eventually go to the Senate house on the left side of town. The Senators here don't seem to want Alchemy restored to Weyard, fearing that men will abuse it again. They tell you that the King thinks that sealing away Alchemy has caused the world, and Lemuria, to decay. They disagree, though, and think that sealing away Alchemy saved the world, not causing it to decay. One other Senator tells you that Lemurians used to bottle Draught that allowed them to live a long time anywhere, and used this freedom to travel around the world. After a man named Babi (!) came to Lemuria and stole all their Draught, they built a fountain flowing with the Draught and settled down in Lemuria. The first thing you should check out in Lemuria is the Springs, which flow with waters that preserve life (you can preserve your life like any Inn by facing the springs and pressing A to drink). You can throw the Lucky Medals you have been accumulating into the spring. Depending on how they bounce off the crabs and turtles in the springs, you'll win useful and powerful items. It is a good idea to get items like the Hestia Blade and Leda's Bracelet, but the best prize of all is the level 5 Combo Summon, Eclipse. You will automatically win Eclipse the first time you manage to get a Lucky Medal to land in the blue center circle without touching any animals (it's easier than it sounds).

After you've used your Lucky Medals, head up the stairs behind the springs. Kraden will see the King's castle and is amazed. He runs up and tells you to come see. Although it isn't a good idea to come near the King, go up the steps to the castle. As Kraden is admiring the castle, the guards stop him. They soon recognize you as the people traveling with Piers (whom they call the "Lost One"). Piers asks if the King knows you're here. The message of your arrival has been sent to the King, but he hasn't received it yet. He cannot be disturbed in his meeting with Lord Conservato. Piers doesn't seem happy at the sound of the name. Piers asks what Kraden has seen of Lemuria, and Kraden says that the castle and city are magnificent. Piers says that long ago, Lemuria was even more lovely, livelier, and grand then it is now. The King had lived through those days and still tells of them. Over the years since then, Lemurians have lost vigor, enthusiasm, and creativity. Lemuria is collapsing without its spark, only a shadow of the legendary civilization (could it be the loss of Alchemy?). Kraden wishes he could see the city as it was, then asks what Conservato has to do with this. Piers changes the subject again by saying King Hydros thinks the decay of the city has something to do with Alchemy. King Hydros and most of the other Lemurians want to stop this decay, but senators like Lord Conservato are stubborn and unable to accept change. Kraden reveals more of his stupidity by asking what a senate is. The senate determines various goings-on in Lemuria and Conservato is their leader. Lately, the senate has been resisting any new ideas suggested, preventing them from reaching the King. Because the King's conversations with Conservato are very long, Piers suggests you look around Lemuria until then.

Go back down and Mind Read the dog to the left to find out there is treasure buried around here. Use Scoop on the flowers with a butterfly flying around them to get a Bone. It may seem useless, but it will probably do something undiscovered. Keep going down to the area just above the Lucky Springs and go right. Use Scoop on the flowers near the chicken to get a Rusty Sword. Now use Growth on the plant below the chicken and climb down. Go past the cow (a cow and a chicken... scary) and use Cyclone on the large patch of grass to find a Hard Nut. Now, head to the house northwest of the Spring. Before entering, save and make SURE someone other than Piers is holding the Lash Pebble. Now, enter the house. Wow, whoever lives here seems to be drinking a lot of something. Talk to the man to find he is Piers' uncle! The man comments on how "timid young Piers" has become a warrior and how his sister, Piers' mother, would be proud. Piers asks where his mother is and notices how messy the house has become. Piers asks if his mother is sick again. Kraden asks if there is still sickness in Lemuria. Piers' mother was born with a weak heart and became ill after the tidal wave washed Piers away. Sadly, he came too late to see her again. Piers' uncle tells him where to find her grave and he rushes out, leaving your party for a while. As you leave to follow Piers, his uncle asks you to let him mourn, than asks if they came to learn about Alchemy. Piers' uncle reveals that he was given a mission by King Hydros himself; even if the tidal wave had not come, he would have left Lemuria. The man is amazed that Piers told you nothing about his mission into the outside world before now. While Piers mourns his mother, His uncle writes a letter to Lunpa (does he mean Lunpa the Righteous Thief? What is he doing in Lemuria?) so that he will admit you to his tower.

Leave the house and go across a bridge to the tower on the right side of town. When you try opening the door, Lunpa tells you from the top floor that it's broken. Strange... If you played Golden Sun, you'll remember that Lunpa's son, Donpa, was an old man. Yet Lunpa only looks the age of his grandson, Dodonpa. The time-slowing Lemurian magic must also work on non-Lemurians. You'll have to climb in through the window above the door. This is why you couldn't leave the Lash Pebble on Piers. Without it, you are permanently stuck. Use Lash and climb to the window, then enter Lunpa's tower. Go down the stairs on either side of the ladder and meet Lunpa. He is amazed that you could travel to far in this age, all the way to Lemuria. He asks why Piers isn't with you and Sheba explains where he is. He asks if since Piers was traveling with you, are you also trying to break the seal on Alchemy. This must be why Piers' mission was so secret; the King had to send him off without the senators finding out he was trying to release Alchemy. Jenna says the only reason they are trying to light the Lighthouses is to rescue her parents from being kidnapped by the Fire Clan of the north. Lunpa then asks Kraden what he is doing with you. Sheba says that Kraden joined them for Lord Babi. Lunpa only knows one Babi, but he says it couldn't be him. Lunpa is amazed that Babi is still living in the outside world. Kraden tells him that Babi recently died. Lunpa says to himself that he no longer knows anyone from the outside world. Jenna asks if he even knows his son Donpa from Angara. Lunpa remembers that he settled that village a long time ago. Kraden tells him the village is ruled by Dodonpa now, who has been causing lots of trouble in Angara. Lunpa is surprised his son would let this happen, but Kraden changes the subject and asks if Lunpa knows how old his son is (Donpa is at least as old as Kraden).

Before you start your actual discussion, Kraden asks if he can explain his personal reasons for going on this quest. Kraden says that he thought it was odd that Lord Babi sent him to study Alchemy. Anyway, there were once many civilizations around Weyard as advanced as Lemuria. When Alchemy was sealed away, most of those civilizations disappeared. Kraden thinks that his theories on Alchemy are related to Lemuria, so he waited until now to tell you. Lunpa asks that if his theories are right, the world itself will eventually vanish without Alchemy. Lunpa says that he, King Hydros, and many others have the same theory as Kraden does. He then describes the basic course of civilization. He asks you if you have seen any capable of building the Lighthouses and other great Sanctums you have seen. He says that this is one sign of the decay caused by Alchemy's absence. Lunpa then suggests that you hear the rest from King Hydros himself and says that you will go visit him. Lunpa gets angry when Kraden says he is meeting with Conservato. He says he will meet with the King and press their evidence on Conservato. Unfortunately, he can't get out of his stupid broken door. He steps back, charges up Dragonball Z style (Wha-!?) and charges the door, breaking it open. He then leaves for the castle. You should still know the way, so follow him up to the King.

One of the guards admits you to the King as "Lord Felix" (which is correct if you have only Venus Djinn on you and followed my walkthrough). Up ahead, you'll see the King with Conservato. You can see Conservato's stubborn personality first-hand as he complains about even having to approach you, even when the King says he want to show something to everyone. The King comes to you and welcomes you to Lemuria. After you are all introduced, Hydros confirms Kraden's theory that the world is decaying without Alchemy. Naturally, Conservato opposes this. He says that the ancient civilizations would have decayed with Alchemy; this is the way of the outside world. He even says that Lemuria in unchanged! Hydros says his best scholars support him and Piers has confirmed this on his mission (Conservato interrupts again and says that he violated senate's order by using the tidal wave to send Piers away). Kraden asks what Hydros sent Piers to confirm, and the King hold out his hand and makes a map appear on the floor. The map shows the ancient world, when Lemuria traded with many other similar civilizations. For once, Conservato agrees with the king that it was a glorious time. The King then shows the map Lunpa brought with him when he arrived 150 years ago (! That would make Donpa at least 100 years old and Dodonpa an old man! That doesn't seem right...). Kraden notices that the continents seem smaller than on the other map. The King accentuates this by displaying the maps one after the other (actually, the continents seem the same size to me; the world looks smaller). Conservato starts arguing with Hydros yet again. The King has Piers confirm that Lunpa's map is much more accurate than the ancient one but still shows the world as being larger than it was 150 years ago. Kraden compares Weyard to a living animal requiring the 4 Elements for nourishment. Ever since Alchemy was sealed away, the world has been slowly dying and has started "hibernating". By using less energy, Weyard is lasting longer. If Alchemy were released, the world would "wake up" and start to flourish again. But because its "spring" is never coming, the world is slowly dying. Conservato challenges this theory, but King Hydros asks why Poseidon would have returned. The King says that he fears the threat of Alchemy being abuse, but also of the world dying without it. Conservato asks if the King intends to send Piers away again and warns that he will never be able to return if he does (don't worry about Conservato; you can always reenter Lemuria). He then leaves, saying he will never take part in this plan. The King says that he knows the dangers of Alchemy, but that you have to light the other two beacons. Sheba tells him you can't enter the Western Sea, so Lunpa makes a chest appear in front of you from back in his thieving days in Angara. The King says that Lemurians are unable to use the Psynergy contained in it and that you may be able to use it better, having an Earth Adept on your team. The King tells you they call the Psynergy Grind and that it can clear out reefs that block your way to the Western Sea. The King sends you on your way to light the remaining beacons and gives you control again. You can now leave Lemuria and return to your ship.

As you leave, Sheba asks Piers how old he really is. Jenna and Kraden join in, thinking they haven't shown him respect for his age. Piers say to just treat him as you have all along, but Sheba demands to know. Piers tells them to stop making demands if they want to respect him, but Sheba, Jenna, and Kraden all start laughing. Piers tells you to get them off his back, but you obviously don't say anything, making him think you're also involved in the "conspiracy" (funny, no?). After leaving Lemuria, however, reenter. With your new Psynergy, you can get a new Djinni. Go to the large rock you saw in the tunnels earlier and get rid of it with Grind. Sail down the tunnel and dock near the now-free boats.

Walk along the dock wall and enter the door.

This place almost looks like Lemuria; it even has a flooded spring! Surprisingly, it plays no significant role in the game. Go to the southwestern corner of the area and use Cyclone on the shrub on the other side of the wall. A Mercury Djinni pops out and enter a nearby statue. Use Tremor to evict it. Rime will join your party without a fight. Now you can exit Lemuria. Return to the Sea of Time through the boulders.

Grind the rock blocking a path to the left. Grind one more rock and let angular current carry you out of Lemuria. You may now want to check the ocean for some Rusty Weapons; here is a list of the ones in the ocean. Note that they are all found by checking on shallow areas in the sea.
Rusty Axe: A little ways southeast of Lemuria. Rusty
Mace: East of Treasure Isle on the edge of the world.
Rusty Staff: Almost directly north of Shaman Village.
Rusty Sword: West of Atteka Inlet (you need your ship's wings).
Rusty Sword: East of Tundaria Tower. After you've collected all you can, forge them in Yallam, then sail to Gondowan Cliffs.

Use Grind on the rock blocking the way and sail through to the Western Sea! After getting more Rusty weapons, head to a small settlement on the southwest corner of the northern continent in the Western Sea (Hesperia). Get off on a beach that isn't spilt by a river and enter the...

Once again, the Hesperia Settlement is populated only by a single family. They tell you about the nearby Shaman Village, which seems to be vary wary of strangers. You'll also see a new Djinni here! To reach it, go to the western part of the area and climb the vine. Go left and use Growth on the plant, then climb it and go around a large rock to an area with a box. Move the box so it falls down the left hole in the fence and climb back down. Push it off the ledge it landed on, then climb down further and Move it to the right. Now climb back up and hop to the box. Climb the rocks to the left and enter the cave to find 166 coins. Exit and climb over to the Mars Djinni, Tinder. You don't even have to battle it! Now climb back to outside the cave and slide down the chute. Exit the Settlement and get back on your boat. Sail along the Hesperia coastline to the east until you reach a river in between two beaches; sail up it to a large lake. Go to the upper left part of the lake and you'll see two rivers to choose from. Sail up the right-hand one and get off at the end near a cave, which you should enter.

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