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1. Introduction and Updates
2. FAQ
3. Walkthrough
a. The Beginning
b. Daila to Kandorean Temple
c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau
d. Indra Cavern to Garoh
e. Air's Rock
f. Garoh revisited to Alhafra and Osenia Caverns
g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo
h. Gabomba Statue to Madra Catacombs
i. Lemurian Ship to Shrine of the Sea God
j. Yallam to Apojii Islands
k. Aqua Rock
l. Tundaria Tower to Izumo
m. Gaia Rock to Alhafra Revisited
n. Champa to Champa Revisited
o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement
p. Shaman Village Cave to Contigo
q. Jupiter Lighthouse
r. Contigo Revisited to Gondowan Settlement
s. Magma Rock
t. Loho to Prox
u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending
v. Yampi Desert Cave
w. Sea of Time Islet Cave
x. Treasure Isle
y. Anemos Sanctum
4. Boss Guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5. Djinn Guide
1, 2, 3, 4
6. Summons FAQ
1, 2, 3, 4
7. Sound Test Listing
8. Forged Items Guide
9. General Item Guide
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
10. RNG Guide
11. Legal Information

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written by DarthMarth


c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau

As you enter this cave, you'll see two young boys (Riki and Tavi) on opposite cliffs. Tavi was washed away from his friend by the tidal wave that knocked Idejema into Indra. Go up to the rope Riki was unsuccessfully trying to throw and use Lash to save Tavi. Riki will come back. Overjoyed, they both talk about catching a strange creature. They say that it is too fast for them to catch and can fly... They instead go to Daila to eat, though. Shimmy across the rope and through the door. Head across the two wood bridges here. You'll notice that the next one looks cracked... And that looks like a Jupiter Djinni there! As you try to cross the bridge, it breaks. Climb the ladder to the Djinni, who flies away. Chase it and it flies away again. Chase it down a long hallway and down some stairs. It seems to have forgotten to fly here; its footprints show you which way to go. You'll soon see a choice of 3 staircases. Take the left or right one and head across the bridge. You'll see the Djinni escaping under you! Go back down and up the bottom stairs. Climb down the ladder and follow the Djinni. You'll chase it to a raised loop. No matter how much you chase it, it keeps ahead of you. To cut off its escape, push the lit torch into the gap in the path. Once you catch it, standby Echo and Fog and prepare for battle. Have Jenna attack with Fume and Felix and Sheba use Summons the first turn. Following that, have Felix use Cure to heal and Sheba and Jenna attack the Djinni until it is felled. Once you defeat it, Breath will join your party! There is nothing else you can do here now, do use Retreat and exit. From the cave leading to the Shrine, go back to Daila and head south to a fork. Take the east path and follow it until you reach Dehkan Plateau.

After climbing some stairs, you'll see some holes and cracks. You can't get past them; instead, just fall through. In this cavern, go through the door at the bottom and take the useful Full Metal Vest from the chest. Equip this powerful armor to whoever you want. Go back through the door and up the stairs to reach the other side of the holes. Now, walk right and hop across the pillar to get an Elixir. Notice how the pillar cracks the first time you step on it and crumbles the second time. Now hop across the other two pillars to the other side. Notice the strange pillar here. You can't do anything with it yet, so just go south and around the bend in the path. You can hop across the holes here, but first fall down the open crack at the top of all the holes. You'll land next to a chest containing a Mint, which raises one party member's agility permanently. Use it on your slowest character (probably Felix). Now slide down the slope, climb the vine, and go though the door. Climb the nearby stairs and push the pillar down. Hop across it to emerge just below the hole formation. Go all the way across it now and take the north exit.

You'll now face a small puzzle to get your first Artifact Weapon. Hop across the pillar here to reach a fork platform. Take the upper pillar and hop to the pillar on the right. Hop back and on the pillar again to make it crumble. Climb the vine behind it and open the chest to receive Themis' Axe. Since Felix is the only one who can equip it, give it to him; it is a powerful weapon. Now, exit the area and reenter. Hop across the first pillar and take the lower path. Go up as far as you can and hop across some more pillars to the other side of the puzzle. As you take the long, winding path to some more cracks, notice how all the strange pillars seem to block shortcuts. Don't worry, you'll be able to remove them soon. You can go across the next few cracks, but there is nothing beyond. Fall down a crack and take the path until you emerge above ground again. Up ahead, you'll see a Mars Djinni! As you chase it, it will fall down a hole and crack the only safe path. Follow it by falling down through and exiting the room you fall into. Go south here and climb the vine. Before you exit the area, push the pillar above the exit into the valley to create a shortcut to where you are. Now, go to the next area.

You can go down the vine below, but you'll have to solve some puzzles for a Nut. Don't go there yet. Jump across the gaps in the rickety bridge. On the other side, the Djinni will use a new Psynergy, Pound, to pound one of the shortcut pillars into the ground! Go south and fall through a crack. Climb the stairs and return across the bridge, climbing down the vine at the other end. Walk across the two tightropes and push the first vine-covered pillar you see to the right. Climb it and jump onto the plateau, then Lash a rope. Climb it and take the Nut, then go back down and push the other pillar off the ledge. Climb down it and follow the canyon path to a tall vine. Climb this one and you'll be on the other side of the crack you saw before. Go across it and follow the Djinni east to the next area. It will jump across a pillar, preventing you from following that way. Climb down the vine instead and push the vine-covered pillar to the right. Climb up it and jump to solid ground, then onto some more crumbly pillars. Jump to the far one, then back to the near one to crumble it. Go around the loop and move the normal pillar as far left as it will go. Climb up it and jump on the other pillar to crumble it. Climb up the vine behind the crumbled pillar and push the pillar here off the plateau. Go back down and Move it as far left as you can.

Get back up on the plateau and jump across. Go down the stairs the Mars Djinni went down. Go through the only door to emerge in an underground room filled with cracks and the Djinni. If you try to approach it, it Pounds you down through the hole. Instead, go across the cracks to the lower right door. Go up some more stairs to be above ground. Fall down the right hand hole to the left of the stairs to land right on the Djinni! It runs way, dropping a strange cube. No, it isn't floating, it's just above you. Go around the cracked floor and pick it up to find that it's the Pound Cube. Exit through the top right stairs and go through the door. You'll find the Djinni here, but don't go to it yet. Pound down the pillar behind it to cut off its escape, then battle it. After you beat the Mars Djinni Cannon, it joins your party. Climb the vines on the right side of the room and go through a door and up some stairs. You'll be on top of a new area. Go down two flights on stairs and up one on the left. Push the pillar onto the indentation to open another shortcut. Now, go down some more stairs to exit the plateau. On the world map, you can see a ship like the one you sailed off on at the end of Golden Sun! It is beached and unable to move, so just leave it for now. Keep going west until you reach a cave.

  Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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