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1. Introduction and Updates
2. FAQ
3. Walkthrough
a. The Beginning
b. Daila to Kandorean Temple
c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau
d. Indra Cavern to Garoh
e. Air's Rock
f. Garoh revisited to Alhafra and Osenia Caverns
g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo
h. Gabomba Statue to Madra Catacombs
i. Lemurian Ship to Shrine of the Sea God
j. Yallam to Apojii Islands
k. Aqua Rock
l. Tundaria Tower to Izumo
m. Gaia Rock to Alhafra Revisited
n. Champa to Champa Revisited
o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement
p. Shaman Village Cave to Contigo
q. Jupiter Lighthouse
r. Contigo Revisited to Gondowan Settlement
s. Magma Rock
t. Loho to Prox
u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending
v. Yampi Desert Cave
w. Sea of Time Islet Cave
x. Treasure Isle
y. Anemos Sanctum
4. Boss Guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5. Djinn Guide
1, 2, 3, 4
6. Summons FAQ
1, 2, 3, 4
7. Sound Test Listing
8. Forged Items Guide
9. General Item Guide
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
10. RNG Guide
11. Legal Information

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age FAQ/Walkthrough.

Written by DarthMarth

Djinn Guide

FAQ: What are the 3 stages of Djinn?
A. When Djinn are set, they can be unleashed in battle or changed to standby out of battle. Also, they will contribute to changing your character's class when set. On standby, Djinn do not change classes but can be used to Summon various spirits. Once used to Summon, Djinn switch to recovery mode. After a while, they automatically switch back to Set mode.



Description: Attack with a double strike.
Bonuses: 9 HP, 3 PP, 3 ATK
Location: Right outside of Daila; it's impossible to miss.
Battle?: No


Description: Bolster the party's defense.
Bonuses: 9 HP, 2 DEF, 2 Agility, 1 Luck
Location: Found in a random battle in the forest southwest of Madra.
Battle?: Yes (random)


Description: Siphon a foe's HP with a kiss.
Bonuses: 9 HP, 4 ATK, 2 DEF, 1 Luck
Location: Gabomba Statue. Go over the left pink gear rotating next to a cliff on the third floor (walk down onto it). You'll land right next to Steel.
Battle?: Yes


Description: Slow a foe with sticky mud.
Bonuses: 10 HP, 4 PP, 3 Agility
Location: Gabomba Catacombs (Cyclone required). Climb down the ladder next to where you got Piers' Black Orb. Use Cyclone on the patch of weeds just left of where you climbed down to be transported near Mud.
Battle?: Yes


Description: Refresh allies and restore HP.
Bonuses: 12 HP, 4 PP
Location: Taopo Swamp Cave. Plug up the hole just to the right of Flower with a pillar to make a wind gust blow Flower down to the basement. Walk in front of the wind gust right of the one you plugged up and hop over to Flower.
Battle?: Yes


Description: Turn a foe to stone.
Bonuses: 12 HP, 5 PP
Location: On Hesperia, sail up the left river whose mouth is between 2 sandbars. Once you get to a fork, take the right path and got out just above a small mountain. Walk around in the forest here until Petra appears.
Battle?: Yes (random)


Description: Restore allies' stats to normal.
Bonuses: 9 HP, 5 PP, 1 Luck
Location: In Contigo, look for a weed patch east of the entrance. Don't use Cyclone on it; use Scoop on the only clear spot to unearth Salt.
Battle?: No


Description: Strike with a clod of Earth.
Bonuses: 12 HP, 6 ATK, 1 Luck
Location: Once Isaac and co. join your party, go to Atteka Inlet. Use Lift on a boulder to the left, then cast Cyclone where the boulder was to find Geode.
Battle?: No


Description: Strike a foe. (NOTE: A better description of this hilarious Djinn
is obviously required. If the target is the only enemy, it attacks itself with the power of Mold. If there are more enemies, it will attack a different one with the power of Mold.)
Bonuses: 8 HP, 4 ATK, 2 Agility, 1 Luck
Location: When you slide into Mold on the icy pond in Prox, it will slide off and hit a cliff. Slide after it and Scoop it out of the snow.
Battle?: No


Description: Restore HP to all allies.
Bonuses: 10 HP, 5 PP, 2 DEF
Location: Yampi Desert Cave, Scoop required. In a room just north of the one with the large pillar rolling puzzle (not the one with a chest containing Dark Matter), a lump is coming out of the Sand at various points. Use Scoop when it appears in front of you to unearth Crystal.
Battle?: Yes


Description: Launch a powerful team strike.
Bonuses: 9 HP, 4 Agility, 1 Luck
Location: Sea of Time Islet. Solve a basic log-rolling puzzle, Teleport not required.
Battle?: Yes


Description: ??? If you missed at least one Venus Djinn in Golden Sun, you can
find a random Venus Djinn here.
Bonuses: ???
Location: Treasure Isle, on the other side of the rock barrier leading to Star Magician's lair.

  Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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