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Bomberman Tournament GBA
1 Introduction
2 Game
3 Items

4 Walkthrough
- Story
- Walkthrough Step1, 2, 3,4,5,6
- Credits
- Minigame
5 Karabon
- Descriptions 1,2,3,4,5
- Elements
- Battles
- Colosseum
6 Opponents
- Enemies 1,2,3,4
- Bosses
7 Advance strategies
8 Battle and multiplayer

9 Important informations
- Copyright Agreements
- Contact
- Thanks To
- Author's Final Notes

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Bomberman Tournament FAQ/Walkthrough.
(Bomberman Story in Japan)

By MimicMasterAX

1. Introduction

BY: MimicMasterAX ([email protected])

Welcome, one and all, to my ultimate guide for [Bomberman Tournament], for GameBoy Advance. You will enjoy this one, I promise. For the troubled, please use this trick for navigating: use EDIT-FIND (on this page) and find the title that you are looking for.
Or, follow the double-spaced titles, like the one above, to navigate quickly through the sections.

The game

The Bad Bomber is back... well, not exactly... This time Bomberman is on another journey to save the world. Like always, he will meet intresting friends, deadly foes, and tons of puzzles.

This is an Action game, featuring Mini-Games and a RPG-Based Game.

It features battling animals called Karabon, just like in other recent titles. These creatures are similar to the all-popular Pokemon, and the battle interface also have its similarity. But, this is more simpler.

The guide

This is my 4th Official Guide on Games. I just love telling my experience and helping troubled beings. That's it, start reading, people!

2. Game

This game have easy-to-use navigations. I used to have the Japanese Version, and with the little Japanese I knew, I passed the game with 100%. No difficulty. Piece'a Cake!

The interface

The game is a Over-the-Head view. It features Side Mini-Games. There are 2 save slots for the Quest.

The main Menu contains 3 screens. One is Item. This one tells you all of your items, special or normal. The second one is Bombs. In this screen, you will see your available bombs, also fuse items that can be made into other bombs. The last one is Karabons. Here you can select Karabon as well as see their characteristiques.


|START  |Pause Game            |
|SELECT |Save Game Screen      |
|(A)    |Set Bomb              |
|       |Confirm               |
|       |Activate certain Moves|
|(B)    |Activate Karabon Power|
|       |Decline               |
|(L)    |Bring/Close Map       |
|(R)    |Bring/Close Menu      |
|NAV PAD|Navigate              |
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