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Bomberman Tournament GBA
1 Introduction
2 Game
3 Items

4 Walkthrough
- Story
- Walkthrough Step1, 2, 3,4,5,6
- Credits
- Minigame
5 Karabon
- Descriptions 1,2,3,4,5
- Elements
- Battles
- Colosseum
6 Opponents
- Enemies 1,2,3,4
- Bosses
7 Advance strategies
8 Battle and multiplayer

9 Important informations
- Copyright Agreements
- Contact
- Thanks To
- Author's Final Notes

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Bomberman Tournament FAQ/Walkthrough.
(Bomberman Story in Japan)

By MimicMasterAX

4. Walkthrough


[Deep Space. On the rim of ... Bomber Galaxy, on planet Phantarion... 5 meteors came crashing down...]

They created Fortress that controled the planet...
An adventurer, Max, tried to tackle the enemies inside the Fortresses, but he lost...

Doc: [Come in! Come in! It's me, Doc! Remember the SOS from Phantarion that Max went to check out?]

Bomberman: [Yeah. Last week, he reported some strange fortress been built there. We haven't heard from him since, and can't get in contact with him.]

Doc: [That's where you come in. Go to Phantarion and find Max. You'll need to look around first. It's up to you, Bomberman!]



/L1\            /L2\  Legend: (L-Link; H-House; S-Special)
|  |            |  |  L1 - to Plains
|  |____________|  |  L2 - to L. Forest
|  [H1] [H2] [H3]  |  H1 - Bomb Shop
|                  |  H2 - Temmay's house
|                  |  H3 - Honey's house
|                  |  H4 - Fujiwara's house
|  [H4]       [S1] |  S1 - Spaceship
|                  |

- (ADDITIONAL) goto Fujiwara's house to learn on Karabons.
- goto Temmay's house and get the camera.
- goto Honey's house to accept quest.
- goto L2 to continue to L. Forest.

-L. Forest-
Head West (bombing vines), into the warp hole, head North-East (kill all enemies), into the warp hole, and come up near a trapped Pommy. Place bombs at the 2 sides of the vine to free Pommy. Pick up the Ring. Back to the warp hole, and head North. Navigate until you find Louie. Head back to Alpha next.

- goto Honey's house to return the Ring and get a Sm. Med. On your way out, Pommy will stop you and talk, then join you.
- goto Temmay's house. He will let you keep the camera and give you a copy of Louie's picture. He will also give you the Sensor.
- goto the bomb shop and fuse a new bomb: Landmine.
- (ADDITIONAL) go back to L. Forest to get some Power-Ups. - goto L1, you will enter in your first Karabon battle. I suggest using Attack moves to injure his lv.1 Dorako.

Navigate West. Remember to power-up your Karabon with panels.

Keep going West. Head North, and watch for a weak wall on the top-right side. Bomb it and go inside for a tip for the future. Now head South-West. Navigate through the 2 sets of of islands, ending ultimately on the North-East side. Continue North.

-ShuraRd- Try to go East, zig-zaging your way through the place. When you reach a small canyon, you will be shot back by arrows. Ceedrun will appear and play a mini-game with you. Win, equip Ceedrun, and continue North, blocking the arrows.

- Beta-

   |                 |  Legend: (L-Link; H-House)
 __|[H4]          [H1]  L1 - to ShuraRd
/L2                  |  L2 - to B. Valley
\__                  |  H1 - Ralph's house
   |                 |  H2 - Colosseum
   |  [H3] [H2]      |  H3 - Shop (Comic #1-100 G, Lg. Med.-100 G)
   |______________   |  H4 - a kid's house

- complete Ralph's challenge to win the Radar.
- (ADDITIONAL) compete in the Colosseum for money.
- (ADDITIONAL) buy anything you like.
- (ADDITIONAL) goto the kid's house for some advice.
- exit at L2

-B. Valley-

Make a couter-clockwise turn to continue. Bomb the weak wall to find the Arcade, where you can compete for a Lg. Med. by blowing balloons in a given time. When you are done, head up the stairs, step on the switch, come down and step on the second switch, then proceed South. Step on both switches to end inside your first fortress.

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