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Bomberman Tournament GBA
1 Introduction
2 Game
3 Items

4 Walkthrough
- Story
- Walkthrough Step1, 2, 3,4,5,6
- Credits
- Minigame
5 Karabon
- Descriptions 1,2,3,4,5
- Elements
- Battles
- Colosseum
6 Opponents
- Enemies 1,2,3,4
- Bosses
7 Advance strategies
8 Battle and multiplayer

9 Important informations
- Copyright Agreements
- Contact
- Thanks To
- Author's Final Notes

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Bomberman Tournament FAQ/Walkthrough.
(Bomberman Story in Japan)

By MimicMasterAX

4. Walkthrough

-Fairy Palace Surrounding-

Don't go inside the castle, just head West.

-Ice Valley-

Walk South to find the Ice Flower and Pteradon. Then just explore the area until you find PlasmaBase.

-Plasma Base-

   A   B   C   D   E   F     Points of Interest:
                             A3: Entrance
1 (1st Floor) [_] [_]-[_]    D2: Lg. Med.
               |       .     D1: Wise Man
2 [_]-[_]-===-[_] [_]-[_]    E1: Green Crystal
   |           |       |     Stairs: E2 <-> F5
3 [_]         [_]-[_]-[_]    C6: Fire-Up
                             Stairs: B5 <-> A8
                             E7: SID
4 [_]-[_]-[_] (2nd Floor)    E8: Gold Shoes
   |       |                 F8: Boss
5 [_] [_] [_]-===-[_]-[_]    F7: Medal of Love
   |   |   .
6 [_]-[_] [_]

7 (3rd Floor) [_]-[_] [_]
               |   .   |
8 [_]-[_]-===-[_] [_] [_]
               |       |
9             [_]-[_]-[_]
!!: C2; D5 and C8 are all Gateways.
!!: Watch out for cracked floors that break after two steps on them! !!: Bomb red switch, step on green switch, and hold down yellow switch!
A3: Lay a bomb on the switch and hurry to the door.
F2: Pitch a bomb at the switch to make the door open.
C6: Push left block down, then right block right.
A6: Push rightest block down, and keep pushing blocks until you can throw a bomb at the switch.
B5: Use Sharkun to uncover the stairs.
D8: Low Block-Low Door; Left Block-Left Door, Upper Block-Upper Door D9: Push top, second from left block down, then the block right of you right, then head all the way down and push that block left. Now go to the other end of the "unbreakable, unpushable blocks" and pitch a bomb at the switch.
BOSS: PlasmaBomber
DESC: Big fat flying bird, pitches wings at 90', 67.5', 45', 22.5' and 0' when in the air, lands occasionally; when blasted, flies up and drops eggbombs, then lands and start blowing a wind towards the bottom of the screen.
ATTK: Pitch wings, eggbombs
KILL: When he lands, give him a blast. Then, just stay covered by the blocks and keep attacking when he lands again. Again, 4 shots will send him to his harp-playing friends.

-Fairy Palace-

Visit the top-left green door to recieve the Balloon. Then go see queen Emeralda to collect yet another Karabon, Youno. No that the road to the desert has being opened and you have the Balloon, celebrate for a moment. Too tired to pull Pommy Beast to cross the bridge? So am I, so take Pommy and warp back to Epsilon, where you'll get Hold Bomb. Now goto Upsilon and head East.


Just a note: cactus are bombable. Okay, nothing much here, just don't forget to equip Youno before leaving here.


    ____________________   Legend: (L-Link; H-House)
   |        [H2] [H6]   |  L1 - to MtRoad  
   | [H1]          [H5] |  L2 - SararMts
 __|                    |  H1 - a kid's house
/L1    [H3]    [H4]     |  H2 - a girl's house
\____________________   |  H3 - Colosseum
                     \L2/  H4 - a girl's house
                           H5 - a guy's house
                           H6 - Mr. Tekuji's housekkk
- (ADDITIONAL) explore the town
- Head to Mr. Tekuji's house, take his counter, and walk until your counter reaches 0, then return it back to him to get Sibaloon.
- Exit at L2


If you don't want to waste your time, then don't go inside the cave at the bottom left of the first screen. If you are hurt or curious, go. Watch out for the Rock-alikes here. Nothing to tell you people here, just navigate through.


Keep going until you meet Pommy Animal trapped. Here you are going to play another mini-game! There is a maze, with a rotating "bar" and some bouncing "balls", all made of Dancing machines. You have to navigate successfully to the end of the maze without touching the machines once. To make things even more complex, there is a dizzy feeling in this mini-game because the maze vibrates up and down, so cool down, and give it a shot. Pommy Animal awaits you at the end.


Keep going South to arrive at Ita.

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