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Bomberman Tournament GBA
1 Introduction
2 Game
3 Items

4 Walkthrough
- Story
- Walkthrough Step1, 2, 3,4,5,6
- Credits
- Minigame
5 Karabon
- Descriptions 1,2,3,4,5
- Elements
- Battles
- Colosseum
6 Opponents
- Enemies 1,2,3,4
- Bosses
7 Advance strategies
8 Battle and multiplayer

9 Important informations
- Copyright Agreements
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- Author's Final Notes

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Bomberman Tournament FAQ/Walkthrough.
(Bomberman Story in Japan)

By MimicMasterAX

5. Karabon

Karabon elements

In Karabon Battles, there is the advantage and the disavantage of Element. Some Special Attacks do nothing against certain types of Karabon, while others work great. The following chart tells you all. Read: Vertical (Special Attack) does [...] damage to Horizontal (Defenders).

|  |F|W|R|E|
|==========|    Legend:
|F||n|n|g|x|    F - Fire    W - Water    R - Rock    E - Electric
|W||g|n|x|n|    n - Normal  g - Great    x - No Damage
Some Karabons are multi-elemental. In that case, see it's attack's element above, in Karabon's section. If it's the defender, then remember this: if one element is weak to the attack, it will suffer.

Karabon Battles

In Karabon Battles, you are allowed to choose 3 tactics for the fight. There is Punch, which is a simple tackle; there is Defend, which generates a shield in front of your Karabon and is used when an attack from your foe is occured; and there is Special, which features a special move depending on the element of your Karabon. If both Karabon choose Attack or Defend at the same time, it will occur at the same time. The level of the Karabon determines the speed of the special attack, meaning if you are at a higher level than your opponent, you will use Special first.

|  NAME  |1|2|3|    Legend:
|--------|-|-|-|    P - Punch
|PnchBlck|P|B|S|    B - Block
|KwikPnch|P|S|B|    S - Special
|Dfns 1st|B|P|S|
|Nice End|B|S|P|

My favorite tactic is Technque/Showtime/Nice End. Of course, if I choose the wrong Karabon, then this is also the crappiest. The choice is up to you.

In regular battles with other trainers, you get to choose one Karabon. But in the Colosseum, you must battle with 5 Karabons to win a prize. It's one after another, and each time, you cannot select the Karabon(s) you've just used.


There are four colosseums around the world. You can compete in them with your own Karabons to win cash and a special prize. If you have more than 5 Karabons, you can compete in a league, where your bet wins go up, the more you win! (NOTE: if there is a draw, you lose)

BET WIN: 5 G, 10 G, 20 G, 50 G, 100 G

|Pommy   |03|009|
|Ceedrun |03|009|
|Elifan  |06|018|
|Sharkun |11|033|
|Kai-Man |14|042|
LOCATION: Harsh Moutains
BET WIN: 10 G, 20 G, 50 G, 100 G, 150 G
|Kai-Man |14|042|
|Elifan  |16|048|
|Youni   |18|054|
|Dorako  |23|069|
|Youno   |38|114|

BET WIN: 20 G, 50 G, 100 G, 150 G, 200 G
|Dorako  |23|069|
|P. Beast|26|078|
|Unagi   |35|105|
|Youni   |40|120|

BET WIN: 50 G, 100 G, 150 G, 200 G, 300 G
|P. Fang |09|027|
|P. Sea  |30|090|
|Unagi   |35|105|
|Youni   |40|120|
|SeaWing |64|192|
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