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Bomberman Tournament GBA
1 Introduction
2 Game
3 Items

4 Walkthrough
- Story
- Walkthrough Step1, 2, 3,4,5,6
- Credits
- Minigame
5 Karabon
- Descriptions 1,2,3,4,5
- Elements
- Battles
- Colosseum
6 Opponents
- Enemies 1,2,3,4
- Bosses
7 Advance strategies
8 Battle and multiplayer

9 Important informations
- Copyright Agreements
- Contact
- Thanks To
- Author's Final Notes

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Bomberman Tournament FAQ/Walkthrough.
(Bomberman Story in Japan)

By MimicMasterAX

6. Opponents

Name: Worm
Desc: green worm, jumps around the place, very quick, will roll if it sees you
Dmmg: Bump
Kill: 2 shots
Lctn: Fantasy

Name: Chomp
Desc: stone jumping around the level, can devore bomb
Dmmg: Bump
Kill: 2 shots
Lctn: Fantasy

Name: Jumping Bombs
Desc: these things jumps all over the place, and sometimes detonates
Dmmg: Bump, Blast
Kill: 1 shot
Lctn: Fantasy


Name: MagnetBomber
Desc: Slithering dragon
Attk: Spitflame, bomb devore, self-explode
Kill: 4 shots to his head when it's alone
Lctn: MagnetBase

Name: PrettyBomber
Desc: Huge Octapus, turns into a Jellyfish when hit, when Jellyfish is hit, it explodes into small Jellys, who will come together and reforme into the Octapus.
Attk: throw rock, launch JellyEgg
Kill: Turn it into a Jellyfish, wait till it launches 2 JellyEggs, then target the curved area before it regenerates. 4 Shots should do the job.
Lctn: PrettyBase

Name: PlasmaBomber
Desc: Big fat flying bird, pitches wings at 90', 67.5', 45', 22.5' and 0' when in the air, lands occasionally; when blasted, flies up and drops eggbombs, then lands and start blowing a wind towards the bottom of the screen.
Attk: Pitch wings, eggbombs
Kill: When he lands, give him a blast. Then, just stay covered by the blocks and keep attacking when he lands again. Again, 4 shots will send him to his harp-playing friends.
Lctn: PlasmaBase

Name: GolemBomber
Desc: a dark shadow that can raise up to 4 zombie and throws fireballs at you. The zombies go on the side and pitch bombs at you once hit. If you injure GolemBomber, he will detonate the zombies. Sometimes he can make the side-scrolling zombies come back into the soil then re-raise them.
Attk: Raise Zombie, Fireball, Bomb Pitch, Zombie Detonation
Kill: 11 attacks on Golem Bomber and you win.
Lctn: GolemBase

Name: Brainwashed Max
Desc: Max is brainwashed, and he have the same basic ability you have: bombs!
Use FireKong and RC Bomb to trick him into a trap.
Attk: Bomb
Kill: 5 shots
Lctn: Fantasy

Name: BrainBomber
Desc: Last boss: caped bomber that can throw jelly bombs at you and Max. Also, when he's hovering, he can use targetting and send thunder to the earth, which will explode into horizontal and vertical direction, which is hard to avoid.
Attk: Jelly Bomb, Target Thunder, Small Thunder
Kill: a lucky 13 shots will take him to hell
Lctn: Fantasy

7. Advance Strategies

- you are in constant battle the second you leave a town or a hide-away. Be on full alert and be as fast as possible, equip Pommy Animal to be even faster!
- bombing is a technique that any Bomberman HAVE to master if he really wants to win, and here is my little instruction:
bomb everything
don't over-bomb or you will be trapped by them
- use hit and run tactics
- use multi bomb tactics (make many bombs blow at the same time by aligning them)
- if you can pitch or kick, great; if you can RC, better; if you can detonate, EXCELLENT!!!
- watch out for the after-blasts. They last around 1 second, but they can and will injure you.
- I say panels are greater than enemies. If you have a choice, go for the panel first instead of getting the enemy and destroying the panel.
- if you know you are going to be injured, try to damage an enemy or destroy some blocks on your way
- try to sneak up on enemies, or if you want, sneak by
- equip a Karabon that's useful. Here's my list of useful Karabons: Ceedrun, Thunder Tiger, Pommy Animal, Electric Kong, Fire Kong

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