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x. Introduction
xx. Disclaimer
I. Menu Options
II. Basic Controls
III. Characters

a. Efe
b. Kanae
c. Brandon
d. Shin
e. Duke
f. Nagasapa
g. Rungard
h. Jaman
i. Alperen (Boss)
IV. Endings
V. Secrets
VI. Cheats
VII. Credits

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Dual Blades FAQ / Movelist.

By: Kuno


x. Introduction

"It is 150 B.C. amidst the Hun Empire. You must possess the power to slay your enemies and execute insane combos. The fearsome Alperen has harnessed incredible energy by merging his soul and the immortal sword to create the legendary weapon of Dual Blades. Survive battle after battle and face the ultimate test to topple Alperen, gain the sword and become immortal!"

Dual Blades is a fighting game that seems to be a cross between Street Fighter and most SNK fighting games. It took me 2 days to beat the game and write the faq. This is my first Fighting Game FAQ, so be gentle :) Anyways on with the FAQ...

xx. Disclaimer

I used to skip this section of a FAQ before, but now that its me writing this one I see all the hard work that goes into making one. Even though this wasn't as tough as some of the other ones, there was alot of typing involved and many hours spend on this FAQ. So the rules are simple. You are free to use this FAQ to help you in your game. But please don't steal it and say that you wrote it. Nor are you allowed to make money from it, ie This faq is NOT to be included in anything that requires any form of payment to get. Also if you have something to contribute to the FAQ please sent it to [email protected] with the subject as Dual Blades Info, if not it will end up in the trash. Now one last thing, my time is very limited and I will no longer respond to emails with questions that are answered in the FAQ. Everything I know about the game was put into this FAQ. With that said go enjoy the game!!

  Dual Blades

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