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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ / Walkthrough.
1. Version history.
2. Intro and a bit about myself.
3. Weapons. You wanna be tough huh? Get one o' these first......
4. Aliens. Those alien &*£$£%&^ are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.... One for the duke fans out there.....
5. Difficulty settings.
    Play on damm I'm good. It really is easy.
6. Level guides/secrets.
  The levels. Heed this guide well.............
  L1A,  L1B, L1C
  L2A,  L2B,  L2C,  L2D
  L3A,  L3B,  L3C,  L3D
  L4A,  L4B,  L4C,  L4D,  L4EL4F,  L4G, L4H
7. Buttons. This should have come first...........
8. Legal stuff. Copy and I will take action!
9. Credits, tips and contact information.
   The guys and gals that made this dream a reality.

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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Aaron Adams

1. Version history

Version 1.0 - Got the game on 04/10/2002. Created the guide on 05/10/2002, 1541 hours.

2. Intro

Hi my name is Aaron Adams. I have made guides before but I have never put them up onto the Internet. This is my first experiment in putting a guide up onto the Internet. Hope someone accepts it. Hint, Hint?

Anyway, now for a little piece on me. I am a college student at the time of writing, hoping to become an IT technician, or even better but less realistic, games tester or designer. My interests are video games (90% of the time) studying, socializing and women (The remaining 10% of the time), my e-mail address is [email protected] So that's me. Anyway, about Duke Nukem. Duke Nukem is a character from the original game of the same name, Duke Nukem which was made in 1991. It was made by Todd J Replogle and is a seminal game, even by today's standards. The game basically involved jumping around in three episodes of 3D action.

Another game was released, called Duke Nukem 2. This was another attempt on the 2D genre and was fun to play. A fun feature of this game was the flamethrower, which allowed you to fly via the propulsion of flames. More recently, Duke Nukem 3D was released. This was a Doom style game with the added bonus of not just being Doom, but having a sense of humour about it too. The witticisms and weaponry, as well as the alien death animations and the many bugs were fun to play with. Duke Nukem games on the Play Station and on N64 were released and also Duke Nukem Manhattan project was released, and also the soon to come (At the time of writing, 1601 hours, 05/10/2002) Duke Nukem forever, which will be released WID (When Its Done, WID stands for that by the way.)

Finally we come to Duke Nukem advance, the version we are talking about here. What makes this game so impressive is that you are playing on an inferior system. Although the Game Boy advances sound chip is inferior to the other platforms, the sprit of Duke Nukem was truly captured in this game. The wit and the passion that made Duke Nukem games a talking point throughout the gaming community has been captured here, on this inferior but dammed fine console. That being said, we shall continue with the guide.

  DUKE Nukem Advance

DUKE Nukem Advance rom

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