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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ / Walkthrough.
1. Version history.
2. Intro and a bit about myself.
3. Weapons. You wanna be tough huh? Get one o' these first......
4. Aliens. Those alien &*£$£%&^ are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.... One for the duke fans out there.....
5. Difficulty settings.
    Play on damm I'm good. It really is easy.
6. Level guides/secrets.
  The levels. Heed this guide well.............
  L1A,  L1B, L1C
  L2A,  L2B,  L2C,  L2D
  L3A,  L3B,  L3C,  L3D
  L4A,  L4B,  L4C,  L4D,  L4EL4F,  L4G, L4H
7. Buttons. This should have come first...........
8. Legal stuff. Copy and I will take action!
9. Credits, tips and contact information.
   The guys and gals that made this dream a reality.

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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Aaron Adams

6. Level guides/secrets

Level 1B.
Start off in the corridor. Go to the end and fight the three alien soldiers, this should be no problemo with the shotgun. Don't pick up the medi-kit yet, if your health is above 90. Just leave it till later. Go through the passage and fight the alien soldiers and get the shotgun from the pig cop. Blow up the barrels and kill the remaining alien soldiers and the pig cops. The reason why I told you to blow up the barrels is because it will weaken/kill the pig cop. Go into the teleporter and have your shotgun equipped. You will have to fight pig cops and Alien soldiers when you exit. If your health is on 80 points or less, go back and get the medikit. This is why I told you to leave it until later. Go into the descending area and kill the pig cops on either side, and then advance forward. Forward, forward, never backwards! Unless you have to of course. Anyway, now on with the guide. A pig cops with ascend upwards and another alien soldier will come up. Take these out of the equation, then go into the teleporter. As soon as you come out, a pig cop will be facing you. Kill him with the shotgun and then take out the alien soldier. Some more pig cops and alien soldiers will be ready to take you on so don't let them win! Fight! Anyway, bad guys will be in the bedroom either side of Duke, so be WARY. Don't go down the stairs yet, you haven't completed your objective. Go further up the dormitory and get the supplies, such as ammo and medikits. You will HAVE to fight enemies, so be alert. Go into the room near the teleporter and stand on the desk. Jump off and get the blue key card. Now go back through the teleporter, and go to the door in the room with the second teleporter. Open it and kill the alien soldier. You will meet some more alien soldiers and some pig cops. These guys should be easy to vanquish. Then go over to the laptop. Mission objective complete! Go into the air vent right of the laptop, then go into the room at the end of the passage. Blow up the barrels, and destroy any residual alien activity with the shotgun. Jump down and get the health kit to the left of the air vent to replenish your health, if you need it. After this, go to the end of the corridor and go through the door at the end. Go into the teleporter at the end of the room and go to the right. Keep walking until you see a set of stairs. Then go down them and into the door at the end. You will meet a new enemy here, the Grey. Read my enemy profile to find out how to beat him, one shotgun blast should do the trick. Read the cutscene and go into the room. There are Alien soldiers and pig cops in here. Kill the enemies on the upper level, then take out the enemies in the lower level. Go down to the lower level and if your health is below 100 points, get the medi-kit behind the metal block. Now run down the tunnel and proceed to the next level. Level complete! Ho hum, time for level 1C.....

Level 1C.
Watch the cut scene and you will find yourself in the subway. Go through the door and get ready to fight. Strafe around the corner, facing to your right, and you should be facing the pig cop. Take him out and then go up the passage on the right. You will meet some more pig cops here. Kill them, and then kill the pig cop right ahead on you. Now go down the left passage and kill the alien soldier. Get the secret if you must, which is on top of the crates on the left. It is behind the wall on top of the crates. Now go through the door and kill the alien soldier and the pig cop, then kill the remaining bad guys. Get the medikit (I think you might need it) and then go through the door on the right. You will meet some alien soldiers, pig cops and a Grey. Kill the Grey first, as always, then concentrate effort on the Alien soldiers and the pig cops. After this go through the passage at the end of the corridor, and get ready to fight alien soldiers and some pig cops. Get the medikit at the end of the corridor and then kill the pig cop which will be waiting for you. Go back to the passage right of the door you came in, and fight the pig cops and alien soldiers. Get the ammo they drop and go forward, son. When you go forward you will meet an alien soldier standing on a crate and another pig cop. Deal with the pig cop first, then deal with the alien soldier. Remember to do this in the right order! Other wise it will leave Duke a' hurtin! go through the door at the end and shoot the barrels. This will kill all of the pig cops. Remember the alien soldier on the right, hiding behind the wall. After this, go through the door on the left. Kill the alien soldier, pig cop, and the other alien soldier. Look at the monitor and get a glimpse of the boss. Don't worry about it. With MY GUIDE you can take him out. Now go through the door and hit the switch. This will open the door in the room with the yellow/blue crates. Go back to the room with the yellow/blue crates, and go through the door that was previously locked and strafe through it, facing to your left as you do. Kill the pig cop by strafing back and forth, then turn around and get the Grey. After this go forward, but don't let the Grey in the room to the left get you. Instead stay behind the wall and kill the pig cop from there. Then get the Grey and the pig cop, let them have some with the shotgun! Equip the shotgun and go into the teleporter. As soon as you come out, you will be faced with a Grey. Kill him then go around the corner. You will meet another Grey here. YOu must then go down the stairs, and to the boss. Watch the cut scene and get ready! Ready? GO!

Boss strategy.
Get the atomic health and rocket launcher. While strafing, shoot him/her/it with the rocket launcher. After you have run out of rocket launcher rounds, take him with the shotgun. After about 30 shotgun blasts he should be dead. Get the red key card. After getting the key card go through the door and kill the two alien soldiers. You could just run past them, nut I know you have your pride! Get the medikit and go into the teleporter. Level complete! Now time for the next episode, Egypt!

  DUKE Nukem Advance

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