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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ / Walkthrough.
1. Version history.
2. Intro and a bit about myself.
3. Weapons. You wanna be tough huh? Get one o' these first......
4. Aliens. Those alien &*£$£%&^ are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.... One for the duke fans out there.....
5. Difficulty settings.
    Play on damm I'm good. It really is easy.
6. Level guides/secrets.
  The levels. Heed this guide well.............
  L1A,  L1B, L1C
  L2A,  L2B,  L2C,  L2D
  L3A,  L3B,  L3C,  L3D
  L4A,  L4B,  L4C,  L4D,  L4EL4F,  L4G, L4H
7. Buttons. This should have come first...........
8. Legal stuff. Copy and I will take action!
9. Credits, tips and contact information.
   The guys and gals that made this dream a reality.

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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Aaron Adams

6. Level guides/secrets

Level 2C.
You will start off in a room with double doors. Go through them and have your shotgun equipped. You will face up against two alien soldiers and two enforcers. Kill them and get the ammo. Also pick up the MP5, for additional fire power. Now go through the door on the left. In this room you will meet an alien soldier. Kill him then go through the door, in this room you will meet alien soldiers, Octabrains and enforcers, you can hit the switch on the left to activate the metal blocks. Go into the next room, kill the aliens, then go down into the pit area and hit the switch. Then go around the corner and get the red key card. Now go back to the first section. Go through the door in the first room and go into the room with the Octabrain, alien soldier and the Enforcer. Get the medikit, and go through the door at the end of the room. Go down the stairs, killing the many aliens as you do. When you reach the final room, you will encounter a Grey and an Octabrain. Kill them then get the key. After you have gotten the key, you will have to fight an Octabrain and an alien soldier, if you want to hit the switch, which you should. Go back into the room with the sand pit and go down into the lift area on the left. Get the secrets (I mentioned these because I think you may need the health boosts) and go back into the room that required the blue key. It is the room where you found the red key, but you have to go down the lift at the back of the room. You will now have to face the boss. Boss strategy. You will notice that your weapons have no effect on it, you have to shoot it to open up the door that are vital to the completion of the level. You have to activate the crusher by hitting the two switches and lure the boss underneath it. Easy. Just one question. Why is the boss stupid enough to walk underneath the crusher??!!!!???? Now go through the double doors, kill the Grey and go to the final part of this episode.

Level 2D.
This level is easy if you have over 150 points of health left. First run down the corridor and kill the enforcer. Then run to the left and go into the room. Kill the alien soldier and go into the passage on the left. From here follow the path and run to the exit. The random explosions are a real pain on this level, but you should be able to make it through to the end without much trouble if you keep running. Remember your mission is not to kill, but to escape.

  DUKE Nukem Advance

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