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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ / Walkthrough.
1. Version history.
2. Intro and a bit about myself.
3. Weapons. You wanna be tough huh? Get one o' these first......
4. Aliens. Those alien &*£$£%&^ are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.... One for the duke fans out there.....
5. Difficulty settings.
    Play on damm I'm good. It really is easy.
6. Level guides/secrets.
  The levels. Heed this guide well.............
  L1A,  L1B, L1C
  L2A,  L2B,  L2C,  L2D
  L3A,  L3B,  L3C,  L3D
  L4A,  L4B,  L4C,  L4D,  L4EL4F,  L4G, L4H
7. Buttons. This should have come first...........
8. Legal stuff. Copy and I will take action!
9. Credits, tips and contact information.
   The guys and gals that made this dream a reality.

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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Aaron Adams

6. Level guides/secrets

Level 4C.
Anyway back to the guide. Go through the air vent and kill the Grey with your MP5. Now go around the corner and take out the Enforcer. Then kill the crab. Now go around the corner and kill the Enforcer. Go into the air vent and go into the first passage you see. Go down and kill the crab with your pistol. Also kill the Enforcer with your pistol, then kill the Grey with your pistol. Equip the rocket launcher, then jump onto the raised platform with the 25 point medikit, and run backwards because you have just opened up an area with two Octabrains. Kill them with the rocket launcher, then go into the air vent at the back of the room. Equip the mighty foot and kill the crabs in the air vent with it. This is the time to start using the mighty foot. It is powerful and if you know what you are doing, you can cause major damage with it. Only use it if you are faced with one enemy though, and don't use it on Octabrains. Go through the door that can be opened and get the medikits and kill the aliens inside. Now go back to the previous room and go into the air vent that is unopened, and go into the first passage the you see inside. In this room you will face some crabs and Enforcers. Go into the air vents in this room, but not before getting the medikits if you need them. Now go down and get to the terminal, but not before killing all the bad guys in this room. If your health is low, don't worry about it. You should have 30-50 points left. You can replenish it on the next level, if you are skillful and cautious. Go into the air vent and go into room that leads back to the start, the one with the crabs, Grey's and Enforcers. Then go into the door on the right, and complete the level. Level complete!

Level 4D.
Get the Mp5 ammo and the MP5. Then go into the lift on the left. Kill the Enforcer, and go into the door on the right, but not before equipping the mighty foot. You will be immediately faced with a crab. Kill it with the mighty foot, then equip the MP5. Kill the Octabrain and then kill the enforcer. If you are going to get the 10 point medikit, first kill the Enforcer around the corner, then get it. Now go around the corner and try to get the medikits without getting crushed. It is hard, but can be done. Go back to the place with the ten point medikit, and go through the door. At the end of this passage way, on the left, there is a Grey. Kill it, then go through the door closest to the door you came in. Inside this room are crabs, Enforcers and alien eggs. Kill the crabs and enforcers with the MP5, then finish the job by killing the alien eggs with da big boot. Hit the switch, then go into the black wall on the left. I know this is a secret, but it is VITAL to the completion of this level. It contains a blue key card. Go down the passage way and equip your mighty foot, to take out the crabs. Now at the end of the passage way, equip the rocket launcher, then kill the Octabrain. Jump over and grab the key card, and on the next platform, grab the atomic health. You now should have health in the region of 150-190. Go back to the door guarded by the Grey in the room before the switch. Now go through and kill the Grey and the crab. Equip your rocket launcher and kill the bad guys. Jump over and get to the door at the end. There may be an Enforcer you have missed, so watch it. Go into the door and follow the passage, it will take you back to the start. Go into the lift in front of you, and use the blue key card on the door at the end of the passage. In this room, kill the crab and the enforcer then hit the switch on the right. Hitting the other switch will cause you trouble. In the next room kill the bad guys and then hit the switch closest to you when you exit from the previous room, the switch in front of you. Then in the next room, kill the Octabrain, then hit the switch on the right. This bit is hard. You may have something like, 20 points of health left when you complete the level. If you have less than 50 points, restart. I mean it. Go to the lift in the center and kill the crab. Then go into the door. Kill the Enforcer and open the next door. There are two Enforcers, and one Grey, with some alien eggs. Now for the tricky bit. Equip the rocket launcher and jump across the gaps, taking care NOT to fall in to the sand pits. If you see any enemies let them have it with the rocket launcher. At the end, go into the door, meet the clone and complete the level. Level complete!

  DUKE Nukem Advance

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