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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ / Walkthrough.
1. Version history.
2. Intro and a bit about myself.
3. Weapons. You wanna be tough huh? Get one o' these first......
4. Aliens. Those alien &*£$£%&^ are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.... One for the duke fans out there.....
5. Difficulty settings.
    Play on damm I'm good. It really is easy.
6. Level guides/secrets.
  The levels. Heed this guide well.............
  L1A,  L1B, L1C
  L2A,  L2B,  L2C,  L2D
  L3A,  L3B,  L3C,  L3D
  L4A,  L4B,  L4C,  L4D,  L4EL4F,  L4G, L4H
7. Buttons. This should have come first...........
8. Legal stuff. Copy and I will take action!
9. Credits, tips and contact information.
   The guys and gals that made this dream a reality.

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DUKE Nukem Advance FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: Aaron Adams

6. Level guides/secrets

Level 3A.
You are in Sydney! Well done on completing the last level. It is REALLY tough, huh? Take out the pig cop hiding behind the wall on the right, then kill the alien soldiers and the other pig cop. Run down to the end of the first street and kill the pig cops and Enforcers, as well as the alien soldiers. You can shoot the pumps and they will explode. This may help you to dispose of the bad guys. Go into the store and get the lead cannon from behind the counter, but not before you have disposed of the alien soldier, and the pig cops. Now go back to the start and go into the first door on the left. Kill the enforcer and pig cop from a distance with the normal shotgun (Yes, that's right, from a distance with the shotgun, it works) and then go into the room. There is a pig cop to the left, so take him OUT, now I said, NOW! Go into the store and get the energy cell and also Remember to kill the enemies in here, the forces are comprised of pig cops, alien soldiers and Enforcers. Now go into the cinema (It is at the end of the first street) and kill the Enforcer. Now kill the alien soldier and the pig cops to the left. Go into the lift and get ready to fight some alien undesirables. Go into the small door room first and get the health bonuses and the blue key card from the room that the pig cop is in. If you open the doors on the side you will have to fight alien soldiers, but will get some health, ammo and rockets. Go back to the double doors and open them. Tough one comin' up. You will have to fight an Octabrain and an enforcer. You may find it helps to destroy the chair, so that you can strafe out of the way of the blasts. Now go inside and kill the rest of them. There are some near the movie screen, that you may not be able to see, but now ya know bud. Go into the store at the start of the level and go into the freezer. Now kill the Octabrain and the Grey and then get the key card. Go into the room right of the start of the level and fight the alien soldiers. Then go through the door and kill the Octabrain, and then the Grey. Jump onto the area with the red curtains, and go inside, get the medikit if you need to, there is one inside, and one outside. Go through and kill the Grey and the alien soldier. Then speak to the woman and get the red key card. Go into the door that requires the red key card (it is in the room with the red curtains) and complete the level. Level complete!

Level 3B.
You will start this level facing two Enforcers and one alien soldier. Kill them, then go into the store and fight the bad guys inside. Go to the back and go inside the air vent. Here you will meet an alien soldier and a Grey. The Grey is the sentry alien, so he will drop a key when he dies. Get it then if you want to see the "lulu lass" cut scene go into the air vent near the start of the room. Now go to the opera house near the end of the street. Now you have the red key card you can enter. Have your MP5 equipped, so that you can dispose of the alien soldier behind the door with ease. Go inside, and watch out for the Octabrain on the far right hand side, and the enforcer on the near right. Now go into the small door room and kill the Grey, alien soldier and the Enforcer. Go into the next room, and give the Grey a hard time. Collect the shrink ray, and go through the air vent. Go into the room at the end and kill the three Enforcers that are waiting for you. Now go left and into the room just down this passage. Hit the switch and go back out. Go into the next room which is down the corridor on the left, to get the blue key card. Now go through the door near to where the enforcers were and complete the level. "Going to the opera and without my tuxedo!" Level complete!

  DUKE Nukem Advance

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