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(1) Updates
(2) Who am I?
(3) Controls
  - 3.1 Basic Controls
  - 3.2 Game Screen
(4) Game Basics
  - 4.1 Harry's Notebook
  - 4.2 Spells and their Effects
  - 4.3 Healing Items and Potions
  - 4.4 Potion Cauldrons
  - 4.5 Trick Items
  - 4.6 Collectibles
  - 4.7 Owl Post
(5) Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
(6) Enemies
  - 6.1 Bestiary
  - 6.2 Non-Living Obstacles
(7) Money Locations (nothing yet)
  - 7.1 Knuts
  - 7.2 Sickles
(8) Wizard Cards
  - 8.1 Beast
  - 8.2 Potions
  - 8.3 Quidditch
  - 8.4 Charms
  - 8.5 Locations
(9) Jellybeans
(10) Chocolate Frogs (nothing yet)
(11) Frequently Asked Questions
(12) Credits (nothing yet)
(13) Legal Stuff

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough.

By Schlave


Version 0.3 (15th Dec 2002)
All right...just about all the supporting information there is to be has been added. Also threw in the Enemies section, renamed from Minor Enemies :)
- Frequently Asked Questions section added
- Controls and Game Basics sections added
- Enemies section added

Version 0.2 (13th Dec 2002)
Whew...found the very last Jellybean and the last 'Beasts' card. Hopefully I can get this up before any emails start pouring in...oh, and in case you wondered how I mixed up 27 November with 12th December, don't ask. It was an honest mix-up, really!
- Last Jellybean collected
- Another Wizard Card added

Version 0.1 (12th Dec 2002)
Heheh...I just wanted to post the walkthrough first. The rest of the shards of this guide will come up very soon, to probably double the guide's size by the time it's finished :)
- Walkthrough finished - 99 of 100 Jellybeans collected
- 26 out of a probable 30? Chocolate Frogs are collected.
- Legal Stuff section added

Who am I?

Call me Schlave.

This is my second FAQ for Harry Potter, and truth be told, I'm not a die-hard fan. No, seriously. Believe that stuff about me not being an avid Potter fan. I don't go all-out and purchase all sorts of merchandise on Harry Potter, except the books.

Now, the Chamber of Secrets, despite having a shallower plot, isn't longer, shorter or even harder than Sorcerer's Stone. In my opinion, they reduced the abysmally easy difficulty, seen in Sorcerer's Stone, in Chamber of Secrets.

The only thing worth going after in this game are the several well- hidden collectibles, like Jellybeans, Chocolate Frogs and Wizard Cards. They extend the lifespan of the game, which is not very long really.

This guide is also for people who encounter difficulties in the game. I'd have thought that pretty hard, but of course the basics of this game are more complex than its predecessor.


  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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