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1. Battle System
2. Characters
3. Real-World Locations
4. Virtual Locations
5. Internet Areas
6. Shops
7. Exchanges
8. Battle Chips
8a Battle Chip Perfect Data  1, 2, 3, 4
9. Combos
10. Enemy Data  1, 2
10a Enemy Perfect Data  1, Data 2
11. Busting Level
12. Chip Trader Machines
13. Walkthrough by Scenarious 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8
14. Final Hints
   - Menu
   - Cleaning Chip Folder
   - Important Items
   - FAQ

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Rockman EXE . MegaMan Battle Network FAQ/Walkthrough

By Mega Boy

13. Walkthrough

Scenario 5

5-1: Mayl's mail
Meet Roll by pluging into your computer and send back an E-mail by logging into Mayl's computer via the Internet

5-2: Densan Town
Get to Densan Town with the subway and visit the city's class in Densan 4
Get to Densan 2 and enter Miyuki's shop
Fight Skull Man
Go to ACDC Town to meet Mayl and get Roll V2
Go back to Densan Town

5-3: Densan 1
Get to Densan 1 and see the trafic lights go crazy
Plug into Densan's network with the light post
Travel trough the puzzled network until you solve the problem

5-4: Madoi
Plug out and meet Madoi in Central Densan
Get to Densan 4 and plug in again
Get a message from Mayl and plug into Densan 2
Repeat the process with Densan 3
Get to Central Densan and plug in again
Finally, plug into the bus to stop Colored Man

5-5: Colored Man
Fight Colored Man
Colored Man does not move, but has two penguins to complicate matters

Scenario 6

6-1: Let's party!
Get a mail from Papa
Talk to Mama about the party
Go back to ChemLabs and meet Enzan
WALK into the lobby, do not run if you want to access the next part

6-2: Restaurant
Meet Papa and Mama and get to the restaurant
Talk to everyone and Elec will shut off the lights
Get out the restaurant and get into the Dust bin
Visit the power plant, exit and re-enter to access the console in the last room

6-3: Plug-in!
Plug into the power plant's network
If you deplete all Mega Man's energy, you'll have to use a small generator
Half of the way is invisible, try to find your way in the dark
Meet a little guy that will give you batteries
Try to place the batteries in the good socket and turn on the switch to make appear a way
If you batteries are dead, talk to the little guy again to recharge them
First set of sockets: Left-most socket
Second set of sockets: Left-most and right-most sockets
Third set of sockets: Lower, central and right-most sockets
Fourth set of sockets: Upper and right-most sockets
Keep one battery with you and move the next set
Fifth set of sockets: Right-most socket (blue), take the previous batteries back and put them in the upper and middle sockets
Take the blue battery and move to the next set
Sixth set of sockets: Lower socket (blue), take the previous batteries and put them in the opposite sockets of the second line. Take the blue battery
Seventh set of sockets: There's only one socket (Phew!)
Last set of sockets: Upper, right-most and middle of last line sockets

6-4: Shut the power
Meet Elec Man and try to fight him
Go to the next room and shut down the power
Fight Elec Man
Elec Man moves a lot, but try to stay in the middle

6-5: Proto Man attack!
After you beat Elec Man, Proto Man will challenge you
Proto Man is a pushover: Wait for five moves and use a powerful attack when he is right in your face, repeat.

  Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

Rockman EXE gba rom

Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

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