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1. Battle System
2. Characters
3. Real-World Locations
4. Virtual Locations
5. Internet Areas
6. Shops
7. Exchanges
8. Battle Chips
8a Battle Chip Perfect Data  1, 2, 3, 4
9. Combos
10. Enemy Data  1, 2
10a Enemy Perfect Data  1, Data 2
11. Busting Level
12. Chip Trader Machines
13. Walkthrough by Scenarious 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8
14. Final Hints
   - Menu
   - Cleaning Chip Folder
   - Important Items
   - FAQ

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Rockman EXE . MegaMan Battle Network FAQ/Walkthrough

By Mega Boy

10. Enemy Data (1)

In the game, you will meet various enemies, alos called viruses.
This list can help you find which Battle Chips
you can get depending of the enemy.
A more thorough list can be found in the next section.

Enemy: Name of the enemy
Desc: Short description of the enemy
Gives: What you can get for deleting the enemy
(Battle Chip or range of zennies)
The second line shows all the enemies appearances.

Enemy           Desc                      Gives
Cannon          Green cannon              Cannon A-B-D, 60~200Z
                Dog House, Oven, School Net, Yai's, Dex's console, Internet-1, 13
High Cannon     Blue cannon               High Cannon F-G-H, 160~300Z
                School Net, Dex's console, Water Net, Power Plant Net, WWW Net, Internet-3, 13
Mega Cannon     Red cannon                Mega Cannon K-M-O, 160~300Z
                School Net, Dex's console, Water Net, Power Plant Net, WWW Net, Internet-3, 13
Bubble Spread   Blue whale                Bubble Spread A-P-S, 210~350Z
                Densan Net, Power Plant Net, Internet-13
Heat Spread     Pink whale                Heat Spread F-G-K, 210-350Z
                Soda Machine 1, Water Net, Densan Net, Masa's register
Small Bomb      Red beetle                Small Bomb B-D-O, 110~250Z
                Soda Machine 1, Densan Net
Cross Bomb      Blue beetle               Cross Bomb B-D-H, 210~350Z
                School Net, Dex's computer
Big Bomb        Grey beetle               Big Bomb B-O-T, 360~500Z
Long Sword      Grey swordsman             Long Sword D-S, Wide Sword S, 160~300Z
                WWW Net, Internet-5, 6, 7, 8, 13
Flame Sword     Yellow swordsman           Sword K, Flame Sword B-N, 160~300Z
                Yai's appliance, Water Net, Internet-2, 7, 8, 13
Aqua Sword      Blue swordsman             Sword L-P, Aqua Sword N-P, 260~400Z
                Densan Net, WWW Net, Internet-2, 3, 13
Shock Wave      Yellow metool             Met Guard A-G, Shock Wave C-K, 60~200Z
                Densan Net, Internet-13
Sonic Wave      Red metool                Met Guard G, Sonic Wave C-D-M, 110~250Z
                Dog House, Oven, School Net, Yai's appliance, Dex's computer, Mayl's piano, Internet-1, 2, 3, 13
Dyna Wave       Blue metool               Met Guard L, Dyna Wave C-M-S, 160~300Z
                Dog House, Car, Dex's, Miyuki's register, Densan Net, Internet-3, 6, 13
Flame Tower     Grey and red mouth        Flame Tower E-F-M, 100~200Z
                Miyuki's register, Densan Net, Internet-5, 6, 7, 8, 13
Aqua Tower      Grey and blue mouth       Aqua Tower G-H-R, 210~350Z
                Oven, Densan Net, Internet-2, 10
Woody Tower     Brown acorn               Woody Tower B-C-K, 360~500Z
                Soda Machine 2, Water Net, Densan Net,
Earthquake 1    Grey anvil                Earthquake 1 A-H-K-Q, 110~200Z
                Saloma's register, Internet-5, 6, 7 ,8, 9
Earthquake 2    Red anvil                 Earthquake 2 B-C-Q, 160~300Z
                School Net, Mayl's
Earthquake 3    Yellow anvil              Earthquake 3 D-M-Q, 260~400Z
                Dex's computer, Densan Net
Dash Attack     Green Bird                Dash Attack B-D-G, 60~200Z
                WWW Net, Internet-4
Hou Gun         Grey ball                 Hou Gun H, 160~300Z
                Yai's computer, Water Net, Internet-1, 2, 3
Hou Gun 2       Brown ball                2000Z
                Restaurant, WWW Net, Internet-2
Hou Gun 3       Blue ball                 3000Z
                Soda Machine 1
Triple Arrow    Green fish                Triple Arrow A-B-C-D-E, 210~250Z
Triple Spear    Red fish                  Triple Spear F-G-H-I-J, 360~400Z
                Water Net, Water control panel
Triple Lance    Blue fish                 Triple Lance K-L-N-O, 460~550Z
                Water control panel, Masa's register, WWW Net, Internet-8
Ratton 1        Pink rat                  Ratton 1 A-B-C-D, 310~450Z
Ratton 2        Blue and brown rat        Ratton 2 F-G-H-I, 460~600Z
                Lobby's TV, Papa's monitor, Power Plant Net
Ratton 3        Grey rat                  Ratton 3 L-N-O, 400~600Z
Tsunami         Blue jellyfish            Tsunami A-I, 260~350Z
Aka Tsunami     Purple jellyfish          Aka Tsunami N-P, 260~350Z
                Masa's register
Oo Tsunami      Grey jellyfish            Oo Tsunami H-Q, 460~550Z
                Densan Net
Gaia Hammer 1   Purple armor with hammer  Iron Body R, Gaia Hammer 1 C-D-T, 360~500Z
                WWW Net
Gaia Hammer 2   Blue armor with hammer    Iron Body Q, Gaia Hammer 2 C-K-S, 460~600Z
                Internet-5, 7, 8, 9
Gaia Hammer 3   Yellow armor with hammer  Iron Body C, Gaia Hammer 3 C-M, 460~600Z
Thunder Ball 1  Yellow electrode          Thunder Ball 1 A-G-S, 310~450Z
Thunder Ball 2  Red electrode             Thunder Ball 2 F-I-L, 460~600Z
                Power Plant Net, Internet-3
Thunder Ball 3  Purple electrode          Thunder Ball 3 D-F-N, 460~600Z
                Restaurant, WWW Net
Elec Circle 1   Red robot                 Elec Circle 1 G-N-P, 310~400Z
Elec Circle 2   Blue robot                Elec Circle 2 C-J-L, 310~450Z
                Power Plant Net
Elec Circle 3   Purple robot              Elec Circle 3 A-B-T, 310~450Z
                Power Plant Net
Typhoon         Red fan                   Typhoon A-B-G, 310~450Z
                Power Plant Net
Hurricane       Blue fan                  Hurricane G-I-J, 460~600Z
                Power Plant Net
Cyclone         Grey fan                  Cyclone F-G-H, 460~600Z
Egg Snake 1     Green snake               Egg Snake 1 B-E-M, 460~600Z
                WWW Net, Internet-12
Egg Snake 2     Yellow snake              Egg Snake 2 C-E-P, 460~550Z
                WWW Net, Internet-12, 14
Egg Snake 3     Purple snake              Egg Snake 3 A-C-S, 460~550Z
                WWW Net, Internet-14
Mosquito 1      Red mosquitoes            Mosquito 1 A-K-O, 360~500Z
                WWW Net
Mosquito 2      Purple mosquitoes         Mosquito 2 A-N-T, 460~600Z
                Internet-5, 6, 8
Mosquito 3      Yellow mosquitoes         Mosquito 3 A-F-Q, 460~600Z
                Miyuki's register, Internet-11
Burning Body    Red bird                  Burning Body E-F-K, 360~450Z
Metal Shield    Red hog with shield       Metal Shield A-B-O-R-T, 460~600Z
                Densan class, Internet-9, 14, 16
Metal Shield 2  Grey hog with shield      2000Z
                WWW Net
Metal Shield 3  Blue hog with shield      3000Z
                Soda Machine 1
Count Bomb 1    Grey hand                 Count Bomb 1 J-L, 110~250Z
Count Bomb 2    Blue hand                 Count Bomb 2 C-J, 260~400Z
                School Net, WWW Net
Count Bomb 3    Red hand                  Count Bomb 3 B-G-O, 460~600Z
                Papa's monitor, Internet-4
Cloud           White cloud with umbrella Cloud B-O-R, 210~350Z
                WWW Net
  Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

Rockman EXE gba rom

Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

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