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1. Battle System
2. Characters
3. Real-World Locations
4. Virtual Locations
5. Internet Areas
6. Shops
7. Exchanges
8. Battle Chips
8a Battle Chip Perfect Data  1, 2, 3, 4
9. Combos
10. Enemy Data  1, 2
10a Enemy Perfect Data  1, Data 2
11. Busting Level
12. Chip Trader Machines
13. Walkthrough by Scenarious 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8
14. Final Hints
   - Menu
   - Cleaning Chip Folder
   - Important Items
   - FAQ

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Rockman EXE . MegaMan Battle Network FAQ/Walkthrough

By Mega Boy

7. Exchanges

There are some people that will give you Battle Chips if you meet certain conditions. if you fulfill the condition, you can get rare Battle Chips!

Person: People that will exchange
Location: Area where you can find him/her
Scen: Scenario when you can find him/her
Condition: Condition to meet
What you get: What you will get for fulfilling the condition

Person                      Location    Scen    Condition           What you get
1-  Girl in medical room    School      2       Invisible 1 I x 3   Shot Gun K
2-  Little boy on 1st floor School      2       Met Guard A x 30    Buster Guard A
3-  Boy in class 1-B        School      2       Dash Attack G       Panel Return H
4-  Boy behind Mayl's house ACDC Town   3       Flame Tower F       Dyna Wave R
5-  Old man on corner       ACDC Town   4       Escape F-H-J-L-N    Knight Sword G
6-  Tree in park            ACDC Town   4       ???                 Recovery-80 G
7-  Man next machines       ChemLabs    5       Hou Gun H           Buster Punch C
8-  Woman next closed door  ChemLabs    5       Panel Return H      Break Hammer H
9-  Drone in console        ChemLabs    5       Virus?              Panel Return G
10- Little girl on corner   Densan Town 6       Shot Gun K    /     Recovery-300 C
                                                Cross Gun K   /
                                                Spread Gun K  /
                                                Mega Cannon K
11- Girl in subway station  ACDC Town   6       Break Hammer M      Panel Out 3 S
12- Man on school corner    ACDC Town   6       Navi?               10000 Zennies
13- Man in restaurant       ChemLabs    7       Invisible 2 J /     Wood Aura C
                                                Most Cloud K  /
                                                Ratton 3 L
14- Boy in class            Densan Town 7       Quiz                Ratton 1 E
15- Man next water machines ChemLabs    8       Wood Man V3   /     Paladin Sword B
                                                Skull Man V3  /
                                                Shark Man V3  /
                                                Tenjyooura B  /
                                                Iron Body C
16- Little boy in closet    School      8       Panel Out 3 S       Buster Bomb D
17- Scientific on corner    ChemLabs    8       Quiz                Ratton 3 M
  Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

Rockman EXE gba rom

Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

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