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1. Battle System
2. Characters
3. Real-World Locations
4. Virtual Locations
5. Internet Areas
6. Shops
7. Exchanges
8. Battle Chips
8a Battle Chip Perfect Data  1, 2, 3, 4
9. Combos
10. Enemy Data  1, 2
10a Enemy Perfect Data  1, Data 2
11. Busting Level
12. Chip Trader Machines
13. Walkthrough by Scenarious 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8
14. Final Hints
   - Menu
   - Cleaning Chip Folder
   - Important Items
   - FAQ

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Rockman EXE . MegaMan Battle Network FAQ/Walkthrough

By Mega Boy

13. Walkthrough

Here, you will find a quick walkthrough that will help you advance on your quest.

Scenario 1

1-1: Lan's house
Get your PET on your desk
Get the Cross Gun C in your E-mail
Get the Recovery-10 A chip on the dinner table
Go to school

1-2: School & Training
Talk to everyone in class until the bell rings
Start the battle training (R-Button)
Go back to home

1-3: First walk on the 'net
Plug into Internet with your computer
Meet Glyde and log into Yai's computer via the Internet (twice)
Plug out

1-4: Oven Trouble
Go to the kitchen and plug into the oven
Talk to a little guy that will give you Ice Blocks that will help you to make your way through the fire (Talk to him again if you used all of them)

1-5: Water Gun
Mega Man will be stuck, so get your Water Gun in your room and use it on the oven

1-6: Fire Man
Continue into the oven and fight Fire Man
Don't stand in front of Fire Man when he's raising his arms and shoot him whenever you get the chance.

1-7: Sleep
Go to sleep

Scenario 2

2-1: A new teacher
Go to school
Meet the new teacher: Mr. Higsby

2-2: The school's been hacked!
Go to the blackboard and talk to Mayl to get Roll Battle Chip
Plug into school's network via the blackboard

2-3: Find the password
Unlock the green doors by entering a 2-number password, the password changes about every five times if you put a bad one
Some passwords are fixed: 9, 30, 15
Free Mega Man by unlocking the left-most terminal in the PC room

2-4: Free Ms. Mari
The teacher can be found tied in the closet and talk to her

2-6: Number Man
Enter the server room by touching the panel next to it and fight Number Man
Number Man does not move, stand in front of him and blast him.

  Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

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Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

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