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1. Battle System
2. Characters
3. Real-World Locations
4. Virtual Locations
5. Internet Areas
6. Shops
7. Exchanges
8. Battle Chips
8a Battle Chip Perfect Data  1, 2, 3, 4
9. Combos
10. Enemy Data  1, 2
10a Enemy Perfect Data  1, Data 2
11. Busting Level
12. Chip Trader Machines
13. Walkthrough by Scenarious 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8
14. Final Hints
   - Menu
   - Cleaning Chip Folder
   - Important Items
   - FAQ

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Rockman EXE . MegaMan Battle Network FAQ/Walkthrough

By Mega Boy

3. Real World Locations

Lan will visit various places during the game.

ACDC Town [Akiharacho]
Lan's house
Recovery-10 A
Mayl's house
Dog's house
Yai's house
Dex's house
Higsby's store (Scenario 4)
Chip Trader machines, Number Man
Panel Return A, Recovery-50 A, HP Memory, Escape H, Spread Gun J,
Panel Out 1 B
Subway station
Ticket machines
WWW's subway entrance (Scenario 8)
ChemLabs [Kanchogai]
Subway station
Ticket machines
Saloma's stand
Wood Man
Masa's stand (Scenario 6)
Shark Man
Papa's office
Licence card
Water treatment facility
HP Memory, Ice Man
Restaurant (Scenario 6)
Power Plant (Scenario 6)
Densan Town
Subway station
Ticket machines
Densan 3
Central Densan
Densan 4
Densan's class
Barrier A
Densan 1
Densan 2
Miyuki's shop
Skull Man
WWW Lair
Magic Man
Dream Virus

  Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

Rockman EXE gba rom

Rockman EXE / MegaMan Battle Network

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