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1.) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
2.) How to Play

- Basic Button Commands
- Features
- Skill Guide
3.) Magic System
- Magic Mechanics
- Cleric Spell Listing     L0   L1,   L2,   L3,   L4,   L5
- Wizard Spell Listing  L0L1,   L2,    L3L4,   L5
4.) Combat Strategies
5.) Building an Effective Party   1,   2,   3 
6.) The Walkthrough (in construction)
Levels: 12345,   6,   7,   8,  910
7.) Credits, Thanks, Etc....

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Dungeon's and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder FAQ / Walkthrough.

Created by: Zephyrmaster (Andrew Sherman)

5.) Building an Effective Party

Full Character Creation Walkthrough:

Go through this 6 times (to create 6 characters of course):

1.) Go to Roll New Character
2.) Enter a Name
3.) Male or Female? (No difference in stats)
4.) Choose Alignment (Doesn't matter too much)
5.) Choose Race:
For your first character: Half-Orc
2nd character: Human (Or Half-Orc)
3rd character: Human
4th character: Lightfoot Halfling
5th character: Moon Elf
6th character: Human
6.) Select a Potrait
7.) Select a Miniature
8.) Roll Stats (ideal stats, hard to achieve):
1st Character: Ideal= 19-20 str, w/ 15+ con and 15+ dex
2nd Character: Ideal= 17-18 str, w/ 16+ con and 15+ dex
3nd Character: Ideal= 16+ Wis, 16+ Cha, 12+ con
4th Character: Ideal= 18+ dex, 14+ con
5th Character: Ideal= 18+ dex, 14+ con, 14+ int
6th Character: Ideal= 16+ int, 14+ con
9.) Add Levels:
1st Character: Fighter
2nd Character: Fighter
3rd Character: Cleric
4th Character: Rogue
5th Character: Rogue
6th Character: Wizard
10.) Add Feats
1st Character: Improved Initiative, Iron Will
2nd Character: Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Great Fortitude
3rd Character: Combat Casting, Extra Turning
4th Character: Point Blank Shot
5th Character: Point Blank Shot
6th Character: Combat Casting, Improved Initiative
11.) Skills:
1st Character: Climb
2nd Character: Climb
3rd Character: Concentration, Spellcraft, Diplomacy
4th Character: Open Lock, Appraise, Search, Spot, Listen
5th Character: Spellcraft, Concentration, Hide, Intuit Direction
6th Character: Concentration, Spellcraft

If you follow these steps, you should have an easier time beating the game. Add the first four characters to your party and enter the dungeon; you can add the other two in the first level of the game.

Default Character Listing

Here is a listing of the default characters. They are randomized each time you clear a file and start a new game. Thanks to: Lee Eric Kirwan.

A '*' denotes something that a custom character can't have, or something very notable.


Moon Elf Male
Chaotic Good
HP:16 AC:16

STR:17 . DEX:15 . CON:17* . INT:11 . WIS:12 . CHA:12

If the most you can get on an unmodified stat is 18, and Moon Elves have 2 CON less than normal, then how does he have 17 CON?

Combat Reflexes, Toughness

Appraise 2, Search 2

Body: Studded Leather*, Right Hand: Longsword,
Left Hand: Sml Wooden Shield



Shield Dwarf Male
Neutral Good
HP:16 AC:16

STR:18 . DEX:15 . CON:17 . INT:10 . WIS:12 . CHA:8

Combat Reflexes*, Exotic Weapon Prof.*, Toughness*
Karl isn't human, how does he have three feats?

Appraise 2, Search 2

Body: Studded Leather*, Right Hand: Battleaxe*,
Left Hand: Sml Wooden Shield



Half-Orc Male
HP:16 AC:16

STR:20 . DEX:15 . CON:17 . INT:7 . WIS:10 . CHA:8

Combat Reflexes, Toughness

Intimidate 2

Body: Studded Leather*, Right Hand: Short Sword*,
Left Hand: Sml Wooden Shield


  Dungeon's and Dragons:
  Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder gba

Dungeon's and Dragons

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