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I. Introduction
II. Storyline
III. Controls and Characters
IV. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
V. Frequently Asked Questions
VI. Boss Guide
VII. Items List
VIII. DSS Cards List
IX. Equipment List 1, 2
X. Enemies List 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Secrets, etc.
XII. Reader Tips
XIII. Other Information
XIV. Conclusion

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Walkthrough

By DaLadiesMan/Psycho Penguin Steve Saunders

IV. Walkthrough

Main Enemies:
Death Mantis
Man Eater
Killer Bee
King Moth
Poison Armor

Dragon Zombies (x2)

Suggested Level: 36

Two major enemies to point out here that gave me fits.

Killer Bees - These guys are annoying because they fly in the air, and suddenly they swoop down and poison you. Stay back and fire away at them, do not let them get too close to you. I had to use about 10 antidotes between these guys and the..

Poison Armor - These guys will shoot off a poison mist that can actually go right through you without hurting you, so I stood in front of it, let the mist go through me (avoiding the sword) and just kicking his ass, then avoiding the mist, because it will hurt you the second time around, enough to poison you.

-Go left and kill all the Imps. Go down and press the switch, then go down, and over, and jump on the moving platform. Slide under the passage when you get there and go in to get the Hearts Max Increase bottle.
-Now, head left, and over, and go through the door. Go through this room, and remember, there are Imps on the platforms, so kill them, then jump on the platforms.
-When you get to the next room, kill a few million Specters (they keep appearing!) and jump up the crumbling platforms, to eventually get to the save room on the right. Enter, save your game, recover, all that good stuff.
-Now head out, and go all the way to the bottom of this room. Go through the door, keep on going right until you get to the MP Max Increase bottle. Take it, then go back left.
-Drop down to the lower area and go through the right hand door. Go through this area and grab the HP Max Increase item at the end. Now go back out of this room.
-Now, head left through the next door.
-Follow the path through this room, killing all the annoying enemies. When you get to the next room, drop down to the lower area, then head left. Double jump to the ledge, and whip the wall. Go inside, and head left. Double jump to start going across the bridge, then keep on sliding to get under the platform. Go down, and right to get the MP Max Increase bottle.
-Now head out into the previous room. Go right and onto the edge and kill the Poison Armors.
-Head into the room, and go up, and left in the first opening you see to get to the save room. Save, recover, head up, and to the left, and get ready for a tough ass battle.

I again used the DSS Card Combo Mercury/Salamander for this battle. Goddamn, this boss is tough. There are 2 of them, one on each side, and their only weakness is their heads. It took me 5 times to beat them on Level 40, but I was beating on the one on the right first, and when I finally beat them, I took the one on the left first. I stayed on the bottom and just threw axes at them when their heads came swinging around, yes it was cheap, but it got the job done to a certain extent. The left hand side one had a bunch of nasty attacks, like this one where he threw rocks straight at me, and another one where he summoned stuff to fall from the ceiling. They were both very annoying. The one on the right hand side shot off these blue lasers from his mouth, which weren't half as annoying, but painful. They also swung their heads around a lot. When one dragon dies, the other one will recover HP, so try not to attack the other one too much before destroying one. When the one recovers HP, I whipped it a lot, which made it easier to kill, because you probably can get off a good 200 HP damage before it'll stop healing. Good luck!

-Now, head left, and grab the Heavy Ring, which allows you to move those brown blocks you have seen along the way up to this point.
-Go back to the save room and save your game. Head out, down, and left, out through the door. Kill the two poison armors and go left. Head across the crumbling bridge, and slide under, just like before. Head up, kill the Poison Armor, move the block, and head out, back to the Abyss Stairway.

Main Enemies:
Axe Armor
Devil Tower
Clinging Man
Electric Skeleton
Will O' Wisp


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