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I. Introduction
II. Storyline
III. Controls and Characters
IV. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
V. Frequently Asked Questions
VI. Boss Guide
VII. Items List
VIII. DSS Cards List
IX. Equipment List 1, 2
X. Enemies List 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Secrets, etc.
XII. Reader Tips
XIII. Other Information
XIV. Conclusion

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Walkthrough

By DaLadiesMan/Psycho Penguin Steve Saunders

IV. Walkthrough

Suggested Level: 23
I really don't like this place. Here is a word of advice on two of the enemies in here that pissed me off.

Marionette - That curse attack is annoying. They come after you, so stand back and use your special weapons if you can. They hover, then suddenly swoop in on you.

Bloody Sword - My God, these suckers are annoying. Just follow their pattern, when they spina round, they're gonna shoot after you, just dodge them then hit them when you have a chance. Easier said than done.

-Head right, and when you see a hole in the ceiling, jump through it. Head right, and save your game. Now go down and build up levels. You can get like 3200 experience points in this room, that's easy level building! I got to Level 38 here so stop your whining. :).
-Now head up, jumping on the ledges to the left. Then jump on the ledge to the right and kill the Flame Armors and other fun enemies. Double jump to the next ledge, then dash and double jump to the ledge after that. Get to the wall, whip it, go in, and take the MP Max Increase bottle.
-Leave the room, head out, go right, and jump onto the next ledge. Keep on going to the right, then double jump across some ledges to get to the top of the room.
-Go left into the next room. In this new room, go left and down through the room. Get to the far left and use the stone whip combo to turn the Brain Floats into stone, then jump up them to get through this room. When you get to the last Brain Float, double jump onto the ledge. Take the Hearts Max Increase bottle from the top of the room.
-Now head all the way to the ground. When you get back to the exit, double jump and kick off the walls until you get to the ledge. Now follow this path along, at the end, grab the MP Max Increase bottle.
-Now head out of this room, go right, double jump onto the ledge, and go into the next room.
-Go right, then keep on double jumping across the ledges. I really hate this part, so follow the path and avoid the Marionettes and Bloody Swords. If you need help in obliberating these pests, just read what I typed in the opening part of this section.
-When you see a ledge, double jump, then kick off the wall to land on the ledge. Whip through the wall and snatch the MP Max Increase bottle while avoiding that piece of crap Bloody Sword. I wish there was some DSS Card Combo that just killed these suckers instantly. Oh yeah, you can get the Mars card from these suckers, so just exit this room and come back in until you get it, no need fighting 4 at one time just to get the card.
-Now, go out, and off the ledge, and go right. Jump to the ledge you will see soon. Jump up ledges (fun fun fun), and go left into the save room and recover your game.
-Head out and double jump up into the next room. There is a Thunder Demon in here, this is yet another good place to gain levels. Head left and fight through all the enemies. Now double jump up, and head right, killing enemies and avoiding the pits.
-Head right and double jump over the pit, and take out all your anger on the Thunder Demon. Head right into the next room, turn the Bloody Swords to stone (tough) then jump onto the ledge and turn all the Brain Floats to stone (easier, but still tough), and grab the MP Max Increase bottle. Then head out, go left, over the pit (or down and out to save your game) and double jump onto the next ledge you see.
-Double jump up some ledges here, then kick off the wall, but when you do, whip the right hand side of the wall and go in there to get the HP Max Increase bottle. -Now head out and continue to follow the path. (Left, kick up wall, down, left, jump kick the wall to get to the top, left, down some ledges). When you get to the end of this path, grab the Hearts Max Increase bottle.
-Drop down to the bottom and head right. Keep on double jumping up the ledges, and head left. Go left when the path splits. When you get to a wall, whip it and take the HP Max Increase bottle from in there.
-Leave the room, then kick jump off the wall, and save your game and recover. Head right, and walk into the battle with the fun Adramelech.

I again used the DSS Card Combo Mercury/Salamander for this battle. I basically just beat the crap out of him without worrying about his attacks, and if you are on a high enough level, you may just be able to get away with it. If not, well, he shoots off these blue lasers which surround his face, so you might just want to get back and allow him to shoot those things off, and use your special weapon like an axe or something to destroy him via long range. But then he will pull these orbs out of the ground, and those aren't really fun at all. Just destroy them, though, when he pulls those out. Remember that his head is the only weak part of his body, so just keep jumping and hitting it, and getting out of the way when he shoots the lasers. However, sometimes he will do this attack where a crapload of skulls will go flying out of his hand, so just slide away from that. I tried to kill the skulls but there was too many of them and I don't think I got any of them to die anyways. Just keep on whipping him, and if you have a good enough level, you should beat him with ease.

-Now, head right and hit the switch, which will destroy the statue looking thingie, and all the other ones (some of which you have probably already encountered, I know I have). Now grab the MP Max Increase bottle.
-Now, head back to the save room. Head out, then right, then drop through the last pit, then head right.
-There is really only one basic concept here: follow the path. When you get to the huge room, just fall down, then slide, then head into the right side to save your game and recover.
-Now head down, and down, and left, and keep on going left until you get back to the Eternal Corridor.

Main Enemies:
Flame Demon
Beast Demon
Bone Tower
Skeleton Boomerang

Suggested Level: 36

-For those of you that see my suggested level and think I am crazy, I'll have you know I was on Level 38 and I still almost got my butt kicked in the next area.
-Head all the way left and into the next room. When you get to the pit, drop down, then head left. Oh look, the statue's not in the way any more. Time to go through the next area!

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