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I. Introduction
II. Storyline
III. Controls and Characters
IV. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
V. Frequently Asked Questions
VI. Boss Guide
VII. Items List
VIII. DSS Cards List
IX. Equipment List 1, 2
X. Enemies List 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Secrets, etc.
XII. Reader Tips
XIII. Other Information
XIV. Conclusion

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Walkthrough

By DaLadiesMan/Psycho Penguin Steve Saunders

IV. Walkthrough

Main Enemies: Axe Armor Devil Tower Fleaman Clinging Man Electric Skeleton Will O' Wisp Bosses: Necromancer =====================================
Suggested Level: 12

-Head right, drop down the ledge, go through opening to get to the save point.
-Drop down through the hole in the floor. Hop down, then head left.
-At the end of this corridor is the Max MP Increase bottle.
-Head back to the right, back to the area you came from. Go right, then into the next room.
-Go right, then climb up the platforms into the right hand corner, in this room you can get a Hearts Max increase bottle.
-Head down here, fighting off the enemies, and climbing down, then head to the left when you see the path open. Head left, whip the wall at the end to get the Max HP Increase bottle.
-Now, head out of here, then go up and climb higher to the next ledge.
-Head left, go all the way to the right, and save your game. May I point out that this is yet another good time to build your levels up? :)
-Head out, go left, then jump up the two platforms. Double jump, follow the path and go through the distinct looking door to get to the 2nd boss.

I like to use the DSS Card Combo that combines the fire whip and 25 percent more damage for this battle. That combo would be Mercury/Salamander. When he starts off his battle, he will have these fire orbs around him, and he will shoot them off one by one. I say just whip him a few times, then stand back, and let him have his fun shooting them off. He will shoot them off one at a time, but they vary in speeds, so you can never be too careful. Zombies tend to pop up on the ground, so try to stay in the middle of the area if possible, hovering around the middle platforms. He shouldn't be too tough to beat as long as you have the Mercury card in your DSS Combo somewhere, it increases the damage you do! His second form is tougher, he is a skeleton demon. He does have less HP, however. When he turns into a giant orb like thing, just wait in any corner and he should bounce right by you. When he does the laser attack, skeletons will appear in the bottom instead of zombies.

-After you beat this boss, go left and get the Tackle item.
-Leave this room, then go back through the boss room and exit to the right.
-Drop down in this area, to the bottom, then head left. When you get to the block, tackle it. Continue along until you get to the door.
-Double jump over to the higher ledge, then jump along the platforms. Follow the path along until you get to the next door.
-Break the block, then keep on going left. Go through the path, killing enemies, and you should soon reach the Machine Tower, which is a pain in the ass, so good luck. :)

*gives up guide* JK. You people know I love you. :)

Main Enemies: Fox Archer Medusa Head Heat Shade Stone Armor Bosses: Iron Golem
Suggested Level: 15
-Head left, go all the way to the left and hop on the moving platform (it moves up and down).
-Ride it up to the top, then double jump across the ledges, and get the Hearts Max increase bottle.
-Drop down to the ledge below and tackle through the block. Drop down, then jump across the moving platforms. Go down and right and into the save room.
-Go out, then jump on the moving platforms to the left. Double jump to the ledge, then jump on the moving platform going up. Jump on the ledge to the right and hit the torch to get the Stopwatch.
-Go right, into another room. Follow the path here to nab the HP Max increase bottle.
-Go to the top of the room, then go left and tackle through the block. Keep on going until you get to the moving platforms.
-Dash and double jump onto the first one, then carefully time jumping onto the next ones.
-Head up, kill the Fox Archer enemy on the left hand side, then break the wall behind him. Go inside, kill the Heat Shade enemy, and nab the MP Max increase bottle. Note that you can keep on killing this enemy to gain experience, but there's a better way later in this area.
-Go out, then jump across the moving platform, then jump off onto the ledge.
-Ignore the space on the right hand side for now.
-Kill the Heat Shade enemy, then move left and kill the Heat Shade enemy again. There is a Fox Archer enemy in the corner as well, make sure to kill him first, then avoid the flames of the Heat Shade while killing it.
-Go up, and in the second opening, go in to save your game. This is a good time and place to gain experience, read the next line for more details.
-Go out, then down, and then over to the left, above the Fox Archer enemy. Kill all the enemies in here, at the end is a Hearts Max increase bottle. Here, you can exit the room, then go back in, that's about 200 easy experience points, plus with the Heat Shades and Fox Archers outside, you can gain levels relatively quickly, especially if you are on a lower level than I suggested. :)
-Now head out, then go all the way up, killing Fox Archers and such. When you get to the ledge with the Heat Shade, kill it, then wait for the moving platform to come along.
-Go down to the bottom right hand corner, kill the Fox Archer, then jump to the ledge above him. Slide in the hole.
-Kill the Thunder Demon, move to the right, jump to the ledge, go over, go inside the room, kill the Fox Archer and take the HP Max increase bottle.
-Go out, then go down, and have fun, because you get to take on a Thunder Demon while riding on a moving platform. Just kill him off, jump up and hit him, while avoiding the thunder. It's tough, I even got waxed a few times off this attack.
-Head left, then up, then climb all the way up using the platforms to get to the HP Max increase bottle. Now, go down, and out to the left.
-This area should seem familar to you, so head back to the main big area where you slid in before.
-This time, get to the upper right hand corner. When you get to the top moving platform, duck under the electricity, then use your whip as a spinner to knock out the Medusa Heads, then jump over to the ledge.
-Go in this room, defeat Earth Armor, and snatch the Hearts Max increase bottle. Then, head out, and go to the upper right hand corner.
-Head into the next area, kill the enemies, tackle the block, and jump on the ledge. Enter the room to the right, kill the Stone Armor, and grab the MP Max increase bottle. In related news, I gained a level here by killing the enemy 21 times in a row. :)
-Head out, then go up, tackle the block, kill the Heat Shade, go down and in the room. At the end of this room is a Hearts Max increase bottle.
-Now, swing down back to this area, but do not tackle the block this time. Double jump off it. Kill the Heat Shade, and jump across the ledges.
-You will enter a room, and it's long. Just keep going, and take the left path at the end to save and recover. Good place to build levels, by the way. :)
-Now take the upper path. At the top, head right, you got it, secret room. Whip the wall, at the end is a MP Max increase bottle.
-Head out, go down and right. Go through the door and you will be face to face with Iron Golem.

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