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I. Introduction
II. Storyline
III. Controls and Characters
IV. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
V. Frequently Asked Questions
VI. Boss Guide
VII. Items List
VIII. DSS Cards List
IX. Equipment List 1, 2
X. Enemies List 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Secrets, etc.
XII. Reader Tips
XIII. Other Information
XIV. Conclusion

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Walkthrough

By DaLadiesMan/Psycho Penguin Steve Saunders

IV. Walkthrough

Main Enemies: Slime Skeleton Axe Armor Skeleton Bombers Bosses: None
Suggested Level: 9
-Drop downward into the next area. If you go up, it is just a dead end, but you will be back here soon enough.
-Then go left, then double jump, and you will be in the other side.
-Climb up, then the first chance you get, head to the right, then go down, and to the left, to get the MP Max Increase bottle. You can go up, or go down, then just curve back around to get to the spot you were at before.
-Head up, when you see the Axe Armor, kill it, then head right.
-Go to the first floating platform, then drop down. Jump left, and go into the room. Fight off the skeleton then nab the HP Max increase bottle.
-Drop all the way down, then run to the left side. (Gotta love the dash boots)
-Head all the way up to the top, then head right, jumping through the crubmling platforms, until you get to the save room.
-Keep on going, basically follow the path. Kill off all the enemies, this is a good place to build your levels. I would recommend just killing off all the enemies, exiting, coming back in, and doing it again, until you've gained a few levels. There's a save point nearby to regain your energy, anyways.
-Do not go through the door. Go up to the higher ledge, then go left. There is a hidden room here which contains a Heart Max increase. Now, go through the door to get to the Audience Room.

Main Enemies: Axe Armor Electric Skeleton Skeleton Soldier Skeleton Bosses: None =====================================
Suggested Level: 10

-Go up and right, then jump to the ledge to the left. There are crumbling platforms above, so just jump on them, then jump to the next one as soon as possible.
-Get to the top, then head left. Then head downward, then head left. When you get to the wall, there is a hidden room here, which contains a Hearts Max Increase item.
-Leave the room, then go right, through the door. When the path splits up, just take the middle path. There is a save room here, but this isn't the best place to gain levels.
-Jump upwards, to get to the highest platform. Jump torwards the wall, and whip it, there is another hidden room here, which contains a MP Max Increase bottle.
-Exit this room, then head right. Follow the path along, killing enemies. This is not a bad place to gain levels, but sadly there is no save room near here, unless you go all the way back to the other save room.
-There is a pit here, so stand back, and dash, and you should make it. If you fall, you can just climb back up to this part, and I am pretty sure you can save your game/refill your energy along the way.
-Go through the room, and get the HP Max Increase bottle. Now, head back left.
-Now, go through the pit. Go right, there is a Hearts Max Increase bottle here.
-Head left, go down, defeating Skeletons. These guys aren't tough, they throw boomerangs out, which can be easily avoided.
-When you get to the bottom, head left. There are Electric Skeletons here, which are a pain in the ass. They charge at you with this electric laser type thing which takes off at least 30 HP (and I was on Level 13), so just avoid their charge at first, then come in and take them out with 2 or 3 hits. You might even want to use your special weapons just to be on the safe side.
-Continue into the next room.
-Jump up a few ledges to get to the middle of the room. There is a save point in the upper right hand side, use it. You can even go out, then fight the Electric Skeletons, since they give off large amounts of Experience (16 EXP each, I believe, plus all the enemies around, you'll pick up 100 EXP easy). So, you can definitely build levels here if you wish.
-Head to the top, then go right. Continue to the right and get to the higher platform. Head up, killing enemies along the way. You can level up here, as well, since there is a pretty decent amount of enemies. Head left, then up, then left to the ledge.
-Continue to the end, then double jump up, and you will be in the Outer Wall.

Main Enemies: Skeleton Brain Floats Skeleton Bomber Will O' Wisp Bosses: None
Suggested Level: 11 =====================================

-Go right, make a double jump onto the column.
-Keep on jumping across the columns. Jump off the last one, then whip and hold the B button down, you will do a spinning whip. Go down in this room to receive the Hearts Max Increase bottle.
-Head out, then go all the way left. When you reach the dead end (no, no secret room :), double jump on the column, kill the enemies, then jump across them. Go right, and go into the next room.
-More jumping across columns here, when you get to the part where the Brain Floats are, use the Mercury/Serpent DSS combo to freeze them, then jump on them, like Super Metroid, where you had to freeze the little enemies and use them as platforms.
-Head through the path, killing enemies, and double jumping onto columns. At the end, you will get a HP Max Increase bottle.
-Go back to the highest platform, go left, and go back down the pit. Get onto the column, then jump right across them all again. Drop down the pit to get back to the Audience Room.

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