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I. Introduction
II. Storyline
III. Controls and Characters
IV. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
V. Frequently Asked Questions
VI. Boss Guide
VII. Items List
VIII. DSS Cards List
IX. Equipment List 1, 2
X. Enemies List 1, 2, 3, 4
XI. Secrets, etc.
XII. Reader Tips
XIII. Other Information
XIV. Conclusion

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Walkthrough

By DaLadiesMan/Psycho Penguin Steve Saunders

XI. Secrets, strategy, etc.

-Here is a basic hint: Since save rooms enable you to regain health and MP, use them to your advantage. Always raise levels near a save room!

-Exactly how to use a DSS Card is not apparent just by finding one. An Action Card and Attribute card must be used in combination to make its effect known. Once a combination has been used, a description of the effect will appear on the DSS screen. There are a variety of different effects possible, which include an increase in offensive, defensive, and other attributes. There are also those that contain command techniques. Do not rely on just one card but be mindful of different cards depending on the situation at hand.

-Save often and more than anything else be cautious not to get killed, which will end the game. Keeping this up will slowly but surely make the player stronger and closer to completing the quest.

-Try attacking the walls surrouding any suspiciously empty spaces on the map. The walls might break away to reveal a hidden chamber.

-Skillfully use the warp zones scattered throughout the Ancient Castle. It will become easier to move to far away spots.

----More coming soon!----

XII. Reader Tips

This is a new section, devoted to the helpful tips my loyal readers have sent it through email! Thanks!

-----S Saiyan 2 Vegeta ([email protected])------

OK, here are all the cards I have and all the combinations and everything that I know of and can tell you about:

Attribute Cards (top cards) - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Diana

Action Cards (bottom cards) - Salamader, Mandragora, Golem, Cockatrice, Manticore, and Thunderbird

Here are the combinations, so far: ÊMercury + Salamander = Fire Whip

Venus + Salamander = Damage increased by 25%

Jupiter + Salamander = 2 Fireballs circle you in defense

Diana + Salamander = A fireball is released with each attack

Mercury + Mandragora = Whip of Thorns

Venus + Mandragora = ??? Ê (When I put question marks it means the game doesnt even know what the combo is, so I cant figure it out)

Jupiter + Mandragora = ???

Diana + Mandragora = 3 Plumes of Petals are released with each attack

Mercury + Golem = Earth whip to attack distant enemies

Venus + Golem = Defense increases as the % of the map uncovered increases

Jupiter + Golem = ???

Diana + Golem = A quake is released with each attack

Mercury + Cockatrice = Stone whip. ÊEnemies turned to stone can be used as platforms

Venus + Cockatrice = ???

Jupiter + Cockatrice = Transform into stone and become invulnerable

Diana + Cockatrice = 3 rocks are fired with each attack

Mercury + Manticore = Poison whip that will release mist of poison.

Venus + Manticore = ???

Jupiter + Manticore = A cloud of poison spreads to protect you

Diana + Manticore = When the whip is swung it releases a poison shower

Mercury + Thunderbird = Electric whip. ÊWill electrocute while attack is held

Venus + Thunderbird = Damage increases as the % of the map uncovered increases

Jupiter + Thunderbird = ???

Diana + Thunderbird = Electricity fills the air when the whip is spun.

----------Amarant ([email protected])----------

Killer Bees-Hate them damn bees don't ya? Well, there's an easy way to get to 'em without taking any damage. Just have the dagger and throw it at them from a safe distance.

Dragon Zombie(s) Boss-I've found a very easy (yet long way) to beat the hard boss. Once you start have the Poison Cloud combo (DSS cards Jupiter/Manticore) or the Fireball combo (DSS cards Jupiter/Salamander). To lessen the risk of loosing your MP fast, have an item that gives you high intellagence (sorry if spelled wrong). Oh and make sure you also have the axe sub-weapon. When you start the battle, go over to the left dragon. Get on his left side (side closest to the wall) and keep jumping and hitting his head with your whip. When the head is out of reach, throw a couple of axes for extra damage. When he is just about to swing his head into the wall, slide under his neck and out into the middle (don't worry about the falling rocks since the Poison Cloud combo or the Fireball combo will destroy the rocks). Once the left side is done, do the same with the right side.

----------Sam Winotai ([email protected])----------

I found that Cerebus we pretty easy to kill... all you have to do is just stand on the side right by the doorway, and he can't pounce at you, just throw knives, and whip him when he gets near. The laser beam won't affect you at all since he will be facing the other direction. When he decides to do the sphere, just go to the other side of the room, and do the same thing over again... just thought you might want to add that to your walkthrough since it might be a helpful hint.

----Elemental Knight ([email protected])---

Hello! A few things:
1. (correction) In your FAQ's Faq, you said that the Mars DSS card comes from the Marionette enemy. It actually comes from the Bloody Sword.
2. (extra) If you have 'em, Jupiter + Mandragora works great in the Zombie Dragons Room (you called 'em the Twin Dragons, and I suppose they might be). When your HP gets low, stand near the door and activate the combo - then stand still. Your HP will come back slowly! There is a small, SMALL chance that a fireball will hit you, but you can duck it.

Elemental Knight
Main Plot Designer
Chronom Factor

  Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

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