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1. Why did I make this?
2. The Characters
3. Items
4. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
5. Sub-Games
6. Trading Cards
7. Credits

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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

4. Walkthrough (4)

Valerie Stubbins
Give her the gas.

Johnny Thunder
Talk to him to go to Adventurer Island.

Adventurer Island
Play all the Sub-Games to get the Railway Station Page.

Platform 1, 2, or 3
Go there. Then the Station Master wil become the Super Station Master and rebuild all the platforms at super-speed.

Platform 2
Talk to the SSM to play a Train Trouble and get Darren's House Page.

Darren's House
Rebuild it to get the fishing Pole. See the item section for how to fish.

After you catch a fish, talk to the lighthouse keeper. He will give yo Margaret's Shop Page.

Rebuild it and talk to Maggie Post. Then play a Mini-Game simmilar to Pizza delivery. Drive around and look for the fruits by following the arrow.
Then you get the Fire Station Page.

Fire Station
Rebuild it, then they put a ladder to the jail.

Rebuild it and get the letter.

Platform 1 or 3
Take the train to Platform 2.

Space Mountain
Go into the tunnel and get ready for Sub-Games! First, beat Asteroid Belt, then go to Ogel.

A few zillion years ago, the Brickster built Ogel (LEGO spelled backwards) out of bricks he stole from LEGO Island. (LEGO Island insruction manual) All you do here is these Sub-Games in this order:
Jet Lander
Ogel Sneak
Pizza Panic
Ogel Sneak 2
Brickster's Tower
Brickster Bash
After you beat these, you have beaten the game!

  Lego Island 2


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