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1. Why did I make this?
2. The Characters
3. Items
4. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
5. Sub-Games
6. Trading Cards
7. Credits

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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

3. Items

Makes you go faster. Press B to use it.

A construction worker wants it.

Constructopædia Pages
Each rebuilds what its name is.

Old Man's Glasses
Return them to their owner.

Lets you go through Manhole

Lets you go up a tree and get a page.

Go through the tunnel from Middle Island to South Island.

Radio Antenna Piece (4)
Find all 4 to get a spanner.

Laura Brick's Radio
Guess who needs it.

Infomaniac's Letter
Give it to someone . . . who could it be?

Ferry Ticket
Ride the ferry to Castle Island

Toll Bridge Coin (3)
Find them to cross the Toll Bridge.

Skate Park Key
What could this do?

Sick Squid
Give it to Snap Lockitt

Spanners (4)
Find them to get some of Nubby's fuel

Skate Trophy
Give it to Skateboarder.

Driver's License
Does the same thing they do in real life.

Give it to Valerie Stubbins to go to Adventurer's Island.

Fishing Pole
Go to the shore and find a fish jumping. Without your skateboard on, press A while facing it to start the sequence. Tap A to keep the level between the arrows. Then you caught a fish.

There are small, regular, and maybe large. The lighthouse keeper wants one.

Brickster's Letter
I have no idea what this does.

Space Shuttle Piece (?)
Methinks you use them to get to Ogel.

Trading Card Album
See section 6.

Can also be accessed by using L.

  Lego Island 2


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