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1. Why did I make this?
2. The Characters
3. Items
4. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
5. Sub-Games
6. Trading Cards
7. Credits

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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

2. The Characters

Pepper Roni
The hero from LEGO Island, coincidently the champion skateboarder of the island. He's the "Pizza delivery dude", and he seems to be a bit older than in LEGO Island.

The guy who tells you stuff, he is another veteran from LEGO Island. Call him on the telephones after the information Center is rebuilt.

Bill Ding
In LEGO Island, he assisted you in building cars, helicopters, etc. Now, he rebuilds houses.

The Brickster
This returning antagonist has really done it this time! Now you have to stop him and his robot minions.

These blockheads (literally) roam the island and Ogel. Hit them with pizzas.

Mr. Funberg
All you need to do is pick his weeds.

Old Man
He lost his glasses! Where could they be?

Laura Brick
Laura was a selectable character in LEGO Island. Now, this cop is back, but she lost her radio.

Nick Brick
Either Laura's brother or husband. Also a returning selectable pig from LEGO Island.

Injured Guy
He's in the ambulance. He has a ferry ticket he doesn't need.

Ferry Guy
Runs the ferry to Castle Island.

Dark Knight
You have to joust him.

Takes you back to LEGO Island from Castle Island.

Red Greenbase
Runs the toll booth. Also a returning character.

Papa Brickolini
A returning selectable character. Owns the Pizzeria.

Mama Brickolini
Papa's wife. In LEGO Island, she played the piano unless you were playing as her.

Snap Lockitt
In LEGO Island, he was one of your opponents in the jetski race. Now he runs a beach game.

Wants a skate trophy.

The radio announcer. In LEGO Island, he was called Mr. D.J. Radio, but you never saw him.

Nubby Stevens
Owns the garage. He lost his prize spanners since LEGO Island, which featured him, was made.

Valerie Stubbins
In LEGO Island, she was your other jetski opponent. Now she works for Res-Q.

Johnny Thunder
He is from the LEGO category called Adventurers. In LI2, he leads you through Adventurers Island.

Station Master/Super Station Master
He's from the computer game LEGO LOCO. Now he's the conductor.

LEGO Island's resident cool person. He just wants to watch soccer, but his house was deconstructed!

Lighthouse Keeper
Hungry for fish. . .

Maggie Post
Owns the shop. A veteran of LEGO Island.

  Lego Island 2


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