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1. Why did I make this?
2. The Characters
3. Items
4. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
5. Sub-Games
6. Trading Cards
7. Credits

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Lego Island 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Jöhñbôb

5. Sub-Games

There are 18 Sub-Games that make up the challenge of LEGO Island 2. I listed them in the order the computer has them. The controls are listed right before you play them. If you beat the listed record, E-Mail me (my address is at the top).

Apple Grapple
Pick the apples. A green apple is worth 10, red 20, hole without worm 10, worm 0 and wasted time, core 0. You have 1:29 to get the most points Records:750 by chrisbrown33
700 by Me
650 by Me

Hoop Hoop Hurray
You have 1 minute to get as many of the 15 hoops on the poles as you can. To hit the low pole hold down and press A, middle just press A, top press up and A.
Records:321 by JEO
320 by Me
320 by Me

Skate Park
You have 2 minutes to do tricks in that environment.
Records:589 by Me
452 by Me
412 by Me

Train Trouble
You have 1:59 to get to the front of the train by going across 20 cars, jumping, and ducking.
Records:908 by Me
845 by Me
845 by Me

Hit the Bricksterbots with the mallet, but watch out for the Infomaniac!
Records:929 by me
880 by Me
747 by Me

Matching Mimmies
Kind of like Memory, you have to match all the skeletons. You get points when they match, you lose 'em when they don't.
Records:755 by Me
745 by Me
745 by Me

T-Rex Racing
You have 1:59 to jump over logs, lava, water, and avoid Easter Island heads and sticky stuff.
Records;744 by Me
739 by me
735 by Me

Hit A and B as it says at the bottom of the screen.
Records:603 bu Me
529 by DAL
521 by Me

Brick Dive
There are 5 bricks. You have until your air runs out to find them and take them to the surface. Go all the way down first to find one. Then, get the one at the bottom of the stingray area. Get the one behind the cannon next, then the ones at either side of the entrance.
Records:450 by Me
289 by Me
200 by Me

Fan Fling
You have 1 minute to hit as many targets of the opposite side with grey things. Watch out for your side, you, and bricks.
Records:560 by Me
500 by Me
360 by Me

Rapidly press A and B alternating, then use up and down to aim.
Records:600 by Me
300 by JEO
200 by Me

Brickster Bash
The final battle! Use pizzas to destroy the bricks guarding him, dodge the flying bricks, and hit him with pizzas a few times.
Records:641 by Me
542 by Me
454 by Me

Brickster's Tower
Platform game madness! Jump on the floating bricks, dodge the falling bricks, and pelt the Bricksterbots with pizza.
Records:670 by Me
650 by Me
519 by Me

Jet Lander
Head for the platform, then when you are close, hold A as you go down.
Records:999 by Me
744 by me
300 by PIH

Pizza Panic
The Bricksterbot will shout the toppings it wants, then chose that type and toss it to him. Don't forget to save the trays from breaking!
Records:300 by JEO
150 by MSG
75 by ROS

Asteroid Belt
Dodge the asteroids, shoot them, or use your shield and run into them.
Records:885 by Me
885 by Me
300 by NOR

Ogel Sneak
Ah, the traditional sneaking-past-the-guards part. No action game is complete without it. Just watch out for the Bricksterbots.

Ogel Sneak 2
Similar to the first. Watch out! They can see over some layers of bricks!

  Lego Island 2


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