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Castlevania Aria of Sorrow FAQ/Walkthrough.
1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Characters
5. Menu Setup
6. Controls
7. Walkthrough:

- Castle Corridor
- Chapel
- Study
- Dance Hall
- Inner Quarters
- Garden
- Clock Tower
- Underground Reservoir
- Cemetery
- The Arena
- Top Floor
- Chaotic Realm
- Forbiden Area
8. Soul List
9. Equipment
10. Use Items
11. Enemies
12. FAQ
13: Thanks
14. Copyright

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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow FAQ/Walkthrough.

By MegaBelmont


Stage 4: Dance Hall
Mission: Get the slide ability
Boss: Big Golem

Once here go left and you will meet J. After you talk to him go left to the next room and then go all the way up to the next room. In here go right and there will be a save point. Exit the save point and go down. Now go right from here. In this room just stay near the top and avoid the dancers and go left to the next room. Continue going left for the next 2 rooms. In here go down and then right and activate the warp point. Don't warp anywhere and walkj back out and up the stairs to the room to the right. Avoid the jumping snakes go right again to the next room. Now go all the way down and go right to the next screen. Once in here drop down to the next place. Go all the way down here and drop into the next room. In here kill the enemies if you would like and then go right to the next screen. In here go all the way down to the bottom and go right into the room with a save point. Go back out then and you can go to the next boss if you would like, or level up if your not ready.

Boss: Big Golem
Difficulty: ***/*****

He isn't that bad if you carefully fight him. In the begining use your long distance souls so you won't get touched. Once your MP is drained run up to his foot, duck and start attacking. If you see his back foot comming at you run backwards and wait for him to stop before attacking again. If he moves away from you run up to him and then repeat the process. Eventually he will spit rocks at you. If your in the correct possition you can really take off his HP when ducking and attacking at his foot. If you do this correctly he shouldn't even touch you, but if he does he will do quite a bit of damage. Overall it shouldn't be as bad as the last boss and once you beat him remember to pick up his orb and then go left to the next room.

In here be sure to pick up the new ability which will allow you to slide by pressing Down and A! Now go back to the save point and head all the way back up to the huge room with the dancers. Then go all the way up and make your way to the nearby save point and save. From here go left and follow it by going left, up, right, and then up. In here go in the left and right rooms to pick up some gold. Then in this room make the bull come at you (Your standing to the right of him) and then jump on his back and up to the right platform. Go up and kill a few of the bone towers and then jump on top of them and get the huge potion. Now go back to the save point again, save and then exit. Now go down and this time go right. Slide under the one wall and then go to right to the next stage.

  Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


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