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Castlevania Aria of Sorrow FAQ/Walkthrough.
1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Characters
5. Menu Setup
6. Controls
7. Walkthrough:

- Castle Corridor
- Chapel
- Study
- Dance Hall
- Inner Quarters
- Garden
- Clock Tower
- Underground Reservoir
- Cemetery
- The Arena
- Top Floor
- Chaotic Realm
- Forbiden Area
8. Soul List
9. Equipment
10. Use Items
11. Enemies
12. FAQ
13: Thanks
14. Copyright

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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow FAQ/Walkthrough.

By MegaBelmont


Stage 11: Top Floor
Mission: Become Dracula
Boss: Graham/Julius

In here go left and then fly up the gap in the roof. Go right then to the next room. Follow this room until you can go right again to the next room. Go right in here again and then pick up the potion in the next room. Go back and this time go up the stairs and then go right to activate another warp point. You can go and heal by warping somewhere and then come back to this spot. Exit the warp point and then go up to the top and then go left to the next room. In here go up to the next room. Follow this room up and then go up to the next room. In here go past the first intersection and at the 2nd go right to go into a new save point. Exit the save point and go down and left to the next room. In here do down to where the Red Minotaur is and press down and A to drop to the bottom of this room. Go left until you can go down to the next room. In here jump past the Iron Golem (Unless you want to use the killer mantle red soul to kill him in about 1 shot) and break the wall to the right. Inside you will find the Hippogryph which will allow you to do a high jump by pressing L in the air. You can then go back to the save point. Believe it or not, you are about to face the next boss. You can go around and explore some more and gain more experience, or if your ready go out of the save point and then go all the way up to the top and wait for the knight to lift up his sword and let you through. Go left and this scene should look quite well. Enter the door and it's time for the fight!

Boss: Grahham
Difficulty: ***/*****

After you talk to him he will fight you. His attacks are the exact same as Dracula's. Simply jump over his fireballs and black fireball. His weak spot is his face. Once his first form is almost dead he will fire black fireballs in a spiral. Continue to hit him to make him morph into his Omega Graham form. For his second form dodge his hands that will swing at you from the left to the right. Also beware of his lightning that he will fire from the top. He also will close both hands at once. If you watch his hands closely a spark of lightning will come out just before he swings at you. Attack Graham in the middle until he dies and then you will get the OK ending.

----------------------( Better Endding )----------------------

I know that ending was bad. So If you want the good ending you will need to solve the puzzle of the antient books. Look at your enemy list and see which ones match. If your too lazy to do that, then it is the Flame Demon for the red soul, Giant Bat for the second, and Succubus for the third. Then go back and fight Graham again and beat him. Then you will talk with Genya Arikado and he will tell you that your evil must be stopped. Go left to the next room and pick up Dracula's tunic and the Black Panther blue soul and then head all the way back to the Garden. Remember that black door that you couldn't get past before in the sky? (It's below the save point) Well you will need to go there and inside that room. You will find that the black cloud is now gone. Inside Julius will feel the need to kill you.

Boss: Julius Belmont
Difficulty: ****/*****

He can be one tough cookie. You should notice a few familiar Castlevania songs in the background. Anyway This is one typical Belmont, he will whip, slide, and dodge any time you try to attack. Use your souls to attack when possible and try to swing at him when he is in the air or when you can duck on the ground. After a few minutes he will use his sub weapons. When you see the huge holy cross come up slide in the opposite direction as him. Other than that use the same tactics as above to avoid him. If you played just about any Castlevania game in the past you will know what sub weapons he has and how to dodge them. He has them all so beware. Don't be afraid to use potions to heal yourself. Defeat him to open the portal to the left.

Here is a useful tactic from Happy lackey "I simply go into battle having a couple of mind potions or mana prisms and use death's scythe ability. All you need to do is simply activate the scythes and avoid J by leaping over his head or backward. Sometimes when he gets close, 4 or more scythes will hit him at once taking upwards of 60 hp a hit. I also recommend being at level 40 at the very least and also using the headhunter ability in conjunction with the scythe ability."

  Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


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