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Castlevania Aria of Sorrow FAQ/Walkthrough.
1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Characters
5. Menu Setup
6. Controls
7. Walkthrough:

- Castle Corridor
- Chapel
- Study
- Dance Hall
- Inner Quarters
- Garden
- Clock Tower
- Underground Reservoir
- Cemetery
- The Arena
- Top Floor
- Chaotic Realm
- Forbiden Area
8. Soul List
9. Equipment
10. Use Items
11. Enemies
12. FAQ
13: Thanks
14. Copyright

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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow FAQ/Walkthrough.

By MegaBelmont


Stage 13: Forbidden Area
Mission: Explore the stage

This is more less a side quest so you don't have to do this stage, however it does contain some good weapons and you do have to explore it if you want 100% of you map complete. Go to the Underground Reservoir and go right until you get to the Waterfall. Equip the Undine soul to be able to walk on water, then equip the Curly, Devil or Manticore blue soul and go right to the next screen. In here continue right until you get to the next room. Once here continue going as far up as you can and press the red yellow button to allow access to the Study. Then go back down as far as you can and this time go right. Kill or avoid the Alura Une depending on your level and continue going right and down to the next screen. Go right to the pirate ship and equip the Skula soul to walk in the water. Go to the bottom left part of this room and break a wall to reviel a hidden room. Go inside and obtain the item and then go back out. Now go all the way right inside the pirate ship and right to the next room. Then drop all the way down and go left to the next room. The rest of this stage is one way and will lead you to a very valuable sword.

  Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


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