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1. History of Jet Grind Radio 2000-2003
2. Controls
3. Characters 1, 2
4. Tips
5. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
6. Game Script 1, 2, 3, 4
7. Location of Graffiti Souls 1, 2
8. JET Extras
9. Secrets
10. Soundtrack
11. Codes 1, 2
12. Revisions
13. Special Thanks

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Jet Grind Radio Walkthrough

By: Brad Cherone

10. Soundtrack

Jet Grind Radio is known for its music soundtrack almost as well as it is for its great gameplay. Here is a list of the tracks that are available in Jet Grind Radio for the Gameboy Advance. I believe that they are remixed from theiroriginals on the Dreamcast.


1. Let Mom Sleep
2. Humming the Bassline
3. Sweet Soul Brother
4. That's Enough
5. Sneakman
6. Everybody Jump Around

Graffiti Tags

You gain extra graffiti tags by collecting Graffiti Souls. Since I did not use any guides to make this, I have not gotten every Graffiti Soul. That means this list is incomplete. The format of the list is Artist - Name of tag.


~ Small ~

Beat - Beat the Clock
Gum - Pop!
Tab - Tab Me
Combo - Don't Push It, Kid!
Piranha - Beware My Bite!
Garam - Freaky Deaky
Mew - Purr Like a Kitten
Cube - Fear Me
YoYo - Yo Yo, Baby!
Slate - Ya Gotta Cheat To Solve Puzzles
Sick Puppy - Mutt in the Window?
Murph - Hot Soup
Happer - Break It!
Golden Rhino S - Golden Rhinos

~ Large ~

Beat - Beat This
Gum - Minty Cool Flavor
Tab - Pull the Tab
Combo - Watch My Moves
Piranha - Sharpest Teeth
Garam - Man With a Plan!
Mew - Sweeter Than Sugar
Cube - Tougher Than You
YoYo - Yo! 3D
Slate - Blue Slate
Melting Pot - Home of the Brave
Bouz - Clumsy Punk
Yellow Magic - Cubizmo
Ebisu Pin - Ride the Wave
Compile - Hunt and Gather
Ya Man - Chill Out
Golden Rhino L - Golden Rhinos 2

~ X-Large ~

Kabuki Jam - Theater of Sound
Edge - Off the Edge!
Monkey Business - Don't Monkey Around
Breaker - Breaker Breaker!
Cub Writer - Goof Off!
Tokyo Underground - Let's Play Ball
Music - Music Lover
Grim Reaper - Sick Town
Vandalism - Spirit of the Art
W.S.W - Wild Style Wars!
Crazy Crew - Psycho Colors!
Twosome - Slapstick Duo
Lil' Devils - Devil May Care
Jet Guy - Pull My Finger
Golden Rhino XL - Golden Rhinos 3

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