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1. History of Jet Grind Radio 2000-2003
2. Controls
3. Characters 1, 2
4. Tips
5. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
6. Game Script 1, 2, 3, 4
7. Location of Graffiti Souls 1, 2
8. JET Extras
9. Secrets
10. Soundtrack
11. Codes 1, 2
12. Revisions
13. Special Thanks

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Jet Grind Radio Walkthrough

By: Brad Cherone

6. Game Script (4)

CHAPTER 3: Present Day

PROFESSOR K: Professor K here igniting the airwaves with some hot beats! But I hear there are some crazy cats out there playing with more than just musical fire!

DISPATCH: Bomb squad is on its way.

PROFESSOR K: This here is your very own Tokyo pirate broadcaster, Jet Set Radio!!!! Them nasty Rokkaku posters have all been covered up by GG graffiti. Way to go! But when they weren't looking, someone swiped the record!!! You gotta go after 'em, right?

PIRANHA: You guys need an injection of style and I'm the prescription. Let's see if you can fill the doctor's order!

PIRANHA: Sweet moves, try grooving to this one!

PIRANHA: I think you got it baby. One more and I think I might be seen in public with you!

PIRANHA: Those were smooth moves kid, can't wait to get down with you!

PROFESSOR K: We're gonna burn Tokyo up! We got an explosive broadcast coming to you. The thing everyone's been hunting for like crazy is something called the 'Devil's Contract'. It's a record that's got the power to summon a demon!!!

DISPATCH: Flame Squad has been dispatched.

PROFESSOR K: This is bad mojo, boys and girls! I don't know what it's doing in Tokyo, but we can't let whackos like that get their hands on it! Demon or no demon, this can't be good news! The streets of Tokyo-to are in a panic and we're gonna have to cut off this broadcast soon. Can the GG's graffiti save this city?

PROFESSOR K: The army's moved into Kogane-Cho. They're turnin' Tokyo into a war zone. What's with those jet packs? Why can't they just take the subway like everybody else?

DISPATCH: Send in the troops!

DISPATCH: No helicopters left?! Send whatever you have!

PROFESSOR K: This is Tokyo's only back-alley broadcaster, Jet Set Radio! It turns out the Golden Rhinos are a secret branch of the Rokkaku Group. A dangerous bunch, cool and cruel! Looks like they're wiping out everyone who tries to hang on the streets. GO and hit 'em back!

SLATE: Huh? Oh you want something? Yea try keeping up with me? Ha!? Don't blink now!

SLATE: Must have gotten lucky...oh well you win.

PROFESSOR K: That record everbody's looking for is already missing!!! According to some info we got from Poison Jam, it was made by some freaky evil sound engineer. It's been passed all the way to Tokyo! Goji wants to use the record to make a contract with a demon so he can take over Tokyo and the rest of the world! Get to the new Rokkaku Headquarters and destroy that record -- along with Goji's evil plans!

PROFESSOR K: That huge portal of evil, the Rokkaku Building, is a pile of dust. Now they're saying that the building was destroyed in a construction accident-- yeah right! At least Tokyo is back to its glorious old self. It turns out that the Golden Rhinos were just another group of Goji's henchmen. That explains a lot...It turns out the record that Goji was looking for was just an old indie record, a hoax. The Noise Tanks are in-repair and the Love Shockers are broken- hearted again. But Poison Jam is back, and planning more mischief. What's that? You think I just made all that up?! Ha ha ha! Sure, sure, okay. But watch out! On the street, there's no such thing as 'The End!'

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