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1. History of Jet Grind Radio 2000-2003
2. Controls
3. Characters 1, 2
4. Tips
5. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
6. Game Script 1, 2, 3, 4
7. Location of Graffiti Souls 1, 2
8. JET Extras
9. Secrets
10. Soundtrack
11. Codes 1, 2
12. Revisions
13. Special Thanks

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Jet Grind Radio Walkthrough

By: Brad Cherone

3. Characters (2)

~ Officers ~

The most pathetic police force in the entire world is the best way to describe these fellows. They are slow, and carry no weapons. Their attack is jumping at you and grabbing you. You can shake them off by dashing, jumping, or grinding. They first appear in Shibuya GG.

~ Captain Onishima ~

Captain Onishima is the Captain of the Tokyo-to police force. His weapon is a long barreled pistol that does damage if you are not dashing or grinding. You can disable him for a short amount of time by dashing over him and tagging him. He first appears in Shibuya GG.

~ SWAT ~

A slight upgrade from the officers, these are officers that carry shields and gas guns. Their attack is to gas you with tear gas. They are easy to avoid, as they are slow and the gas is easy to run from. They first appear in Benten Boogie.

~ Helicopters ~

A very annoying foe, the helicopters shoot heat seeking missiles at you. They take considerable damage. The easiest way to avoid these is run. They first appear in Monster of Kogane.

~ Soldiers ~

Almost an exact replica of officers, except that wear army camouflage. They are just as useless as officers also. They make their first appearance in Graffiti High.

~ Tank ~

A big army tank. Not much else can be used to describe it. Stay away unless you want to get pelted with a cannon. They do not move though, so staying away will
be easy. They make the first appearance in Graffiti High.

~ Noise Tank/Poison Jam/Love Shockers ~

These are the bosses for the first three areas of Tokyo-to. I included them in the same section because they all do the same thing. Skate around in predictable patterns. You spray three of them for each level, ten times. They first make their appearance in Noise Reduction, Kogane Circus, and Love Attack, respectively.

~ Rokkaku Soldiers ~

These are the exact same thing as soldiers, and officers, except they have new suit. They first show up in Tag Or Die.

~ Assassins ~

The first real opponents on foot, these assassins are smarter then the previous characters. They also have a nasty electric whip. Avoid these as much as possible as they hurt a lot when you are ganged up. They make their appearance in Tag Or Die.

~ Shock Troops ~

These are purely obstacle enemies. When I say that, I mean that they do not chase you. They do not even move. Shock Troops stand at the end of certain rails and every couple of seconds send an electric shock through the rail. This can get annoying, especially on Final Stage. Shock Troops come into the game on the level Rock N Roll.

~ Flame Squad ~

Flame Squads are a deadly adversary. I would suggest you stay away at all costs. They deplete your health fast, and effectively. They are on the slow side though, so escaping should not be a problem. If they are near a tag you need to spray, lure them away from the tag and then attack it. They make their first appearance in Burning Benten.

~ Sniper ~

These are annoying more then anything else. They do not move. Snipers can target you from long distances, and you will be able to tell when they are targeting you because of the red crosshair that is over your character. Keep moving and grinding to avoid these. They first appear in Fight or Flight.

~ Jetpack Soldiers ~

Jetpack soldiers can float in the air. They are stationary just like the snipers. I only seem them as a thread in Final Stage because in the other level they are in you can avoid them pretty easily. They first appear in Fight or Flight.

~ Goji Rokkaku ~

Goji Rokkaku is the owner of the Rokkaku Group. He is also the man behind all the trouble. He does not appear in the game except when the story is being told. He employs the Golden Rhinos to take over the streets.

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