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1. Intro
2. Updates and Version History
3. Controls and Gameplay
4. Characters

   a. Godzilla
   b. King Ghidorah
   c. Rodan
   d. Mechagodzilla
   e. Mothra
   f. Megalon
   g. Mecha-King Ghidorah
5. Items
6. Modes

   a. Story
   b. Vs.
   c. Custom
   d. Options
7. Stages
8. Legal Stuff

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Godzilla Domination FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: RadoGoji

6. Modes

d. Options

This is the place where you fiddle with the options.

-Timer: This turns turns the timer on and ooff for Story and Custom mode. In Vs. Mode, the timer is always on.

-Difficulty: This lets you set the difficullty of the monsters in Story mode.

-Ally DMG: If this is on, you will be able to hurt your buddy. If it's off, your buddy will stay pain free is you decide (for whatever reason) to attack him.

7. Stages

There are 7 stages (not including Meteor X) that you can romp around in. Here's the lowdown of these stages. (Note: Level refers to cliffs and such which make for higher altitude.)

-Tokyo 2: This is a one level place with LOOTS of buildings. It's easy to get your rage meter up in this place.

-Glacier a/b: This place has many levels annd lots of buildings to blow up. Careful! The ground is slippery.

-Nova a/b: Planet Nova-10. This place also has stuff to destroy, and lakes place on multiple levels.

-Meteor-Z: No, not Meteor X. This is Meteorr Zeta. this is a lot like Nova-10, it just looks a tad different.

-Moon Base: The most fun stage! This place is barren, has only one level and has low to no buildings. However, that is compensated for the extremely faboo (did I just say "faboo"? Oh, well) LOW GRAVITY! YEEHAH!

  Godzilla Domination

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