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1. Intro
2. Updates and Version History
3. Controls and Gameplay
4. Characters

   a. Godzilla
   b. King Ghidorah
   c. Rodan
   d. Mechagodzilla
   e. Mothra
   f. Megalon
   g. Mecha-King Ghidorah
5. Items
6. Modes

   a. Story
   b. Vs.
   c. Custom
   d. Options
7. Stages
8. Legal Stuff

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Godzilla Domination FAQ/Walkthrough.

By: RadoGoji

6. Modes

What's a game without modes? The modes are the meat of the game, if not the game itself.

a. Story

Apparently, a meteor (Meteor X) is making monsters go all insane. The only one left is your monster, who must defeat the others and save the world. Yay.

Story continuity: This is a just trend that I have seen a lot when I play. The only thing guaranteed is the match set up (2v2, 1v1, etc.), NOT the monster setup. The monsters get mixed up sometimes. So if the monster setup is not what you see (i.e. you fight Mothra in Stage 1 and team up with Rodan against Megalon instead of you and Mothra against Megalon), don't worry about it.

Stage type key:
-1v1: This means that you fight one monsterr, mano-a-mano.
-2v1: This means that you are on team 1 witth another monster fighting just one monster.
-2v2: This means that you are on team 1 witth another monster against team 2, which is two other monsters.
-1v3: This means that you are on your own aagainst team 2, composed of three monsters... ouch!
-F4A: Means "Free for All." This is when yoou and three other monsters all fight each other.
-MKG: This means you in the final showdown against Mecha-King Ghidorah.

-Stage 1: 1v1: This pits your monster againnst a randomly generated monster. Yay.

-Stage 2: 2v1: The monster you just fought will team up with you against another random monster.
-Bonus: You'll have to fight off some UFOs.. If you can destroy them all and not have any hit you, you get 2000 points.
Godzilla: Try getting your rage up and using Atomic Breath
King Ghidorah: Magnetic Pull works pretty well. Rodan: Pull off the Radioactive Mist move. It works, trust me.
Mechagodzilla: Using the Plasma Grenade works wonders.
Mothra: One thing I've noticed that worked is to keep pressing A over and over.
Megalon: Use the Drilling Fist.

-Stage 3:
1v1: It's you and another randomlly generated monster. Feel free to whoop his (or her) booty.

-Stage 4:
2v2: You'll team up with your budddy again against the monster you just fought and HIS new buddy.

-Stage 5:
1v3: Uh oh... Your buddy has turnned against you again and has joined the other two. Now you have to fight all three...
-Bonus: This bonus game is different. You wwill have planes flying at you. If you can destroy at least one without the others running into you, you'll get 2000 points. The only strategy with all the monsters is to hit one and get out of the way. Make sure that you hit one near the bottom of the pattern so that you can get out of the way safely. This is very easy compared to the last one.

-Stage 6:
1v1: This stage pits you against the monster you haven't fought yet.

-Stage 7: F4A: This has you and the monsterrs from stages 4 and 5 all fighting each other (apparently, the meteor has effects on teams).

-Stage 8: MKG: Welcome to Meteor X. As you can see, Mecha-King Ghidorah is here, and he takes takes up half the screen. The object is to hit MKG in the heads. His weakspot (Emi's cockpit in GvsKG) will start blinking. Hit that weakspot. Then, get out of the way and make sure he doesn't grab you. Then, hit the heads again and hit the weakspot again. MKG has a lot of fireball and laser ball things he likes to throw at you. When he jumps, You'd better be in the air when he lands or you'll get hurt AND stunned, and that's no fun. After taking a certain amount of damage, one of the heads will die and give you a bunch of Rage Ups. This happens with his right head first, then his left head. The organic heads are gone now. Deal all that damage again, and instead of the mechanical head dying, it'll go insane, spewing out a barrage of projectiles so big and powerful, it's not funny. Make sure he doesn't start that barrage by hitting his head after he attempts to grab you (in other words, what you've been doing). If you keep hitting him RIGHT AFTER he tries to grab you, hitting his weak spot, and repeating, you shouldn't have too much trouble beating MKG. However, he is tough at first (even at difficulty 1!), so practice makes perfect and you'll eventually beat him and the game.

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