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I. Intro
II. Play Mechanics
III. Frequently Asked Questions
IV. Walkthrough Step 1 2 3 4 5
V. Item lists
VI. Garage/Village Building
VII. Shop list
VIII. Credits

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Car Battler Joe FAQ/Walkthrough

By Captain K.

IV. Walkthrough

At this point there are several new roads open to you that you can explore. These are all optional, but you can get some good car parts here.

Guts->Sashim Plaza
Jump over forest to left to find an EEngNT2.

Hug left wall. Destroy gun emplacement to get a gem. Continue into area behind gun to fight a large vehicle. When killed, it drops a CardOD02. Use this to get the Hyper-Dash Overdrive. Much further on is another gun emplacement that drops a gem. Jump over the forest to the left to find an EBodDOM and an EChasNML. Sweet!

Hoden->Holly View
Hug the right wall. Jump on top of the forest to the right to get a MEngDT2. Later on there will be a tree with a CardCPrUp. Towards the end will be another forest that you can jump on to get the PBodMLN.

Hug the right wall. Eventually you will see a gun emplacement. Behind it is an area with a MEngNT2. In the second area, continue hugging the right wall. Destroy several gun emplacements to get a CardBPrUp and other minor items. There is a large vehicle there that carries CardOD11. This enables the Spin30 Overdrive.

Hug the right wall. Jump over the forest to the right to get the MBodB01. Towards the end jump over another forest to get a NapMine.

To proceed with the story, visit the Nameless Village. There is some gossip there about your father.

Ken appears and challenges you to a duel. Take him out easily.

Visit Padorko, talk to Takah, and enter the tourney. Drive to Coneha. Go to the hotel. where the owner gives you a HPRes100.

There are 4 rounds of combat at the tourney. You can rest and buy equipment after each one. Unfortunately, you are not able to reach the finals due to an unexpected problem. You'll need to go to Tasmatan to check it out.

Coneha->Hawk Pode
Hug left wall. Destroy rocks for some money and a shortcut.

Hawk Pode->Tasmatan
Start by heading to the left. Jump onto the rocky area and destroy the gun to get a NapMiss. Now cross over to the other side of the route and jump over the rocky area to get a PBodKKC. Continue on the right side to encounter a large vehicle that drops CardOD22. This gives you the Invisible Overdrive.

In Tasmatan, you'll encounter a familiar face. Casey is back, and he's piloting a large mecha. But he's still as easy as before. After defeating him, the tournament will resume and you'll face Ken Kaido in the Championship bout. Ken quite a bit harder than Casey, but still nothing you can't handle. After winning, you get some money and a complete Tiger gun vehicle. Check your garage to find a car with TChasSPR, TEngST1, TBodBo2, CrssVulc, LsrMine, APCannSP, and RearShll.

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