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I. Intro
II. Play Mechanics
III. Frequently Asked Questions
IV. Walkthrough Step 1 2 3 4 5
V. Item lists
VI. Garage/Village Building
VII. Shop list
VIII. Credits

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Car Battler Joe FAQ/Walkthrough

By Captain K.

III. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just beat the tournament in Coneha. What do I do now?

A: The game will not progress any further until you get your garage up to level 7. At that point you can go to Georgetown and continue the story.

IV. Walkthrough

You begin the game as Joe Todoroki, a boy who has just turned 16. First, your friends challenge you to a demolition derby. Drive your car around and try to smash into the enemy vehicles. Oddly enough, this seems to be the only battle in the game where you can damage other vehicles by driving into them. Why Natsume didn't incorporate that into the rest of the game is a mystery. Anyway, regardless of how you do, you'll go back home and be given your birthday present. A new car! Actually, it's your old car. But what you didn't know is that it's really a GUN VEHICLE in disguise! Whoo! You also get a robotic navigator for your vehicle, Pal, who also will be speaking for you for the rest of the game. Next, you head next door to Takah's. Takah will teach you the basics of driving and administer the license test. I tried several different things and was unable to get anything but a "B" rank. Apparently that's the only rank you can possibly get.

After the test, you go back to Takah's office. Check the left bookcase for a HPRest20. Takah will give you your first job. You have to drive to Killanov Ruins, pick up a package, and bring it back to Takah.

Padorko->Killanov R.

Nothing fancy here. Blow up the three rocks along the way. They contain 50 gold, 400 gold, and a Gem. Gems can be traded in much later in the game for special equipment. When you get to the ruins, go to the back to get a package from the old man.

Killanov R.->Padorko

There are some stronger enemies this time. The first rock now contains 400 gold, the second a piece of Junk. Run over it to carry it behind you on your hook. About 3/4 of the way back, you will run into a more dangerous enemy. Shoot it as it runs in circle around you. Eventually it will die and you will get the CardOD12. Finally, the last rock contains a (now useless) HPRest50.

Back in Padorko, collect your money from Takah. Then use your CardOD12. Now you know the Spin 60 Overdrive. Select Overdrive in the menu and assign it to the side slot. By pressing B and left or right, you can spin your car quickly. Next, your mom will turn her house into a Garage for you.

At this point you have some freedom on where to go. First, have Takah inspect the junk you picked up. It's a NapTorch! Go back to your Garage and put it on your car using the Convert menu. Now, you can take jobs from Takah, drive to other cities, or bring your mom materials to build her Garage with. Let's go to Samoge first.


Stay to the left, and follow the route symbol. About halfway through is a tree with the CardOD4. This is the very useful Jump Overdrive, which will let you access places that you couldn't before. Nothing else is of note here. Try to pick up some cargo that your mom can use to build her Garage.

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