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1. Frequently Asked Questions
2. Menu's and Options

- Main Menu
- Option Menu
- Select Menu
3. How to Play
- In game screen
- Buttons
- Backpack Screen
- Skills Screen
- Statistics Screen
- Gems and Shrines
- Liquid Pools
- Corruption
- Difficulty
- Stuck in a Level
- Bugs
4. Artifact Guide
5. Item Listing
- Basic Items
- Unique Items
- Prefixes/Suffixes/Whetstones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
6. Creatures
- Common Creatures
- Bosses
7. Aragorn Character Guide
- Introduction
- Starting Stats and Skills
- Skills List 1, 2
- Tips and strategies (Shield users vs. Dual wielders)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
8. Legolas Character Guide
- Introduction
- Starting Stats and Skills
- Skills List
- Tips and strategies (Overdraw vs. Spread Fire)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
9. Frodo Character Guide
- Introduction
- Starting Stats and Skills
- Skills List
- Tips and strategies (Ring Users, Fighting, Trapping)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
10. Gandalf Character Guide
- Introduction
- Starting Stats and Skills
- Skills List
- Tips and strategies (Magic Using vs. Warrior)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
11. Eowyn Character Guide
- Introduction
- Starting Stats and Skills
- Skills List
- Tips and strategies (Princess of Rohan vs. Double Strike)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
12. General Hints and Tips
- Gimli Character Guide (Aznsmarty07)
- Contributed tips, hints, extras
13. Story
- The Story of Middle Earth (summary) [**SPOILERS?**]
14. Credits, Thanks, Extras, etc...
- Email me
- Contributers
- Special Thanks

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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

1. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I heard this game is like Diablo II for computer? Is that true?
A: Yes, to a certain extent. Certain elements in this game are from Diablo II. This game features the same leveling up style, it features skills trees, similar stats, health and magic orbs, and a similar inventory layout. Some of the differences include the fact that this game is on the gameboy advance, this game features the characters from the Lord of the Rings (specially the first two movies), and this game has no quests or towns per se (it has shrines and objectives).

Q: Who is the best character to start off with?
A: There really is no "best" character to start off with, but many believe that Legolas and Aragorn are the easiest to play.

Q: Help! I'm stuck in an area and can't beat it! Is there any way to level up with ease?
A: The only way you can level up is by defeating enemies, but you can do this trick to maximize the amount of exp. you gain in an area. Fight enemies until you are close to death, then save your game. If you quit and return to your game, you will have full health and retain all of the experience and items you found.

Q: I'm playing Aragorn. Can I use bows? He uses it in the movie...
A: No, unfortunately every character has a type of weapon that they have to use. Aragorn can only use swords.

Q: I got this item called Horn of Boromir, and it says it gives me a bonus in experience points. The problem is that I can't select it. What can I do with it? What does it do?
A: The bonus that this item gives you occurs when the item is simply resting in your inventory.

Q: I can't beat this boss! How do I?
A: You have to "stick to your guns" so to speak. Use the abilities that have carried you throughout the game. Don't be afraid to run away, because the health of the bosses doesn't recover, but you can. Look to the section on creatures to find a stragety to defeat the boss with your character.

Q: What is corruption?
A: Corruption is well... how corrupted your character is. The eye in the upper right hand corner reflects how much corruption you have. The eye becomes bigger if you use corrupting items, use corrupting skills, or allow a creature to alert Sauron. If the eye begins flashing, Nazgul, or ringwraiths, will start attacking you.

Q: Do I really only have four save slots for five characters?
A: Unfortunately, yes.

Q: What do artifacts do?
A: Basically, all you can do with artifacts is collect them. Collecting them all unlocks a special multiplayer option. No one character can find all of the artifacts in one go.

Q: Are there any unlockables in this game?
A: Yes. Beating the game with two characters will unlock Gimli in multiplayer. Beating the game with every person unlocks a special movie featuring a cave troll fleeing from squirrels. Collecting all of the artifacts unlocks a special multiplayer mode called "Misty Mountains".

Q: What is multiplayer like?
A: It's fun, because both players have complete freedom in the levels.

Q: How do I use a shrine?
A: Stand next to it and press the R shoulder button.

Q: What is Eowyn's quest like? Is it drastically different from the others?
A: Yeah, it fact, her levels are completely different. Her skills may be derivative from other characters but her quest is completely original.

Q: Why do I keep finding axes? I can't use them, and I don't think that my other characters can either.
A: By beating the game with two characters, you unlock Gimli in multiplayer, who can use axes.

Q: What happens when your character dies in this game?
A: When your character dies, you have to start the level over again, you lose a few bars of experience, and you lose some gems. You lose 20% of your Gems (From Gerome).

Q: Why don't you have a guide on Gimli?
A: Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to play Gimli (I have played a little multiplayer though). If anyone would like to help me add information on him in my guide, email me at [email protected]. Any help is greatly appreciately and credit will be given.

Q: If I change the difficulty to hard, do I get more experience?
A: Yes. In hard mode you recieve 20% more experience than you would in Normal mode. In Grueling mode you recieve 50% more.

Q: I'm stuck in a level and I can't get out? Can you help?
A: Unfortunately I haven't made a full walkthrough yet, but here are some tips for making it through a level. Follow paths, footsteps (when pursuing the Balrog) or other hints like that. If you stop then a flashing arrow can guide you and tell you where to go. If rocks fall down in one area then in means a new path was made in another area. In Moria, all of the switches and levers always open a door. Hope this helps.

Q: Whats 2H mean?
A: Two handed. With some weapons you must use two hands and with some you get a damage bonus if youuse two hands.

Q: I found some green items. What are they?
A: They are enchanted items. Most are better than their normal type but some are worse.

Q: Are there any bugs I should watch out for in this game?
A: Unfortunately, yes. If you want to continue buying attribute points and ent water with a character, then don't buy the last whetstone. The last whetstone costs 12,000 gems and is called the 'Mithril Whetstone'.

Q: Is there a maximum level?
A: Yes, and it's at 52. 52 may seem odd and I can't see any reason why it shouldn't =). Once you reach level 52 you just can't gain any more experience for a new level.

Q: Hey, some of my primary stats are colored red and some are colored green. What does that mean?
A: That means that they are being affected by an item in your inventory. If the statistic is green then it is being increased by an item; if the statistic is red then it is being decreased by an item.

Q: How long does it take to beat the game?
A: Depending on your idea of what "beating" a game is, it could be anywhere from 5 hours to dozens. For characters like Eowyn, who can beat the game at about level 11, beating the game with her can take just 5 hours or even less. Other characters have longer games and will take a longer time. To completely beat the game (beat it with every character) it would probably take at least 20 hours for a better player.Even after beating the game with characters, you can still play again to try to maximize your characters by reaching level 52 (which is the maximum level attainable).

Q: I can't stand the Crebain always escaping. What can I do to stop them?
A: Most of the characters have a ranged attack of some sort. Gandalf has his magic spells, Legolas has his bow, Frodo can throw his knife, and Aragorn can throw a sword. If you don't have these abilities or don't want to have them then the only way to stop them is to avoid them or by making them fly at you.

Q: Is there any way to transfer items without playing in multiplayer mode?
A: No.

Q: How closely does this follow the movies?
A: Fairly well, if you ignore the fact that Frodo doesn't fight that much and Eowyn doesn't either. It only goes through the first two movies.

Q: Are the video clips from the first movie or the second movie?
A: The second movie. The starting movie features clips of meeting Gandalf, Eowyn, Aragorn arriving at themain
city in Rohan, and of course the One Ring. The ending movie features clips from the battle at Helmsdeep.

Q: If I delete one of my characters, the one that found most of my artifacts, will I have to find those artifacts again?
A: No, just as long as you don't delete everyone of your characters all at once.

Q: Do you have any Gameshark codes?
A: I don't own a Gameshark and I feel that using a Gameshark takes away from the game overall. If you want Gameshark codes just look on the message boards for this game.

Q: How do I get Crebain to "fly" at me? (metallica9819)
A: What I mean by that is to predict where the Crebain are going to fly and attack them. You can tell where the Crebain are going to fly depending on the direction they are facing on whatever they are on. If you just swing at some Crebain, they will decide to attack you instead of flying away, and that is a strategy you want to use.

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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