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1. Story
2. Characters
3. Items
4. Spiral Mountain's past
5. Banjo and the Barn Boys
6. Saving Foulmouthed Breegull
7. The Adventures of Bayou Banjo
8. Banjo on the Boardwalk
9. Freezing Furnace and Grunty's Industry's Past
10. Spiral Mountain Jiggies
11. Jump into Grunty's Lair and ending the game
12. Quick Move Guide
13. Quick Transformation Guide
14. Quick Mini Game Guide
15. Enemy Guide
(Nothing Yet)
16. Quick Boss Guide
17. Glitches and other Oddities
18. Action Replay Cheats
19. Beta Comparison
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20. Hacking (Nothing Yet)
21. Credits

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Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

By Coolboyman

1. Story

This takes 2 months right after Banjo and Kazooie defeated Grunty in the first game. Klungo doesn't give up on the budging of the boulder that fell on her. Then the big great oaf gets a great idea... build a suit that can support her soul so she can escape from under the boulder! After Klungo builds the new device Grunty's soul escapes and goes into the machine. She then comes up with an idea, to steal Kazooie and prevent Banjo and Kazooie from ever meeting! Mumbo witnesses this event and tells Banjo to hide Kazooie, but its too late, the mechanic witch steals the breegull and goes back in time bringing along Klungo and Kazooie. Mumbo then sends Banjo back to the same time Grunty is, so he can save Kazooie, and their history together.

2. Characters

Banjo: The bear that has stared in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, appeared in Diddy Kong Racing, and Conker's Bad Fur Day (As a hunting trophy in the pub) is back on the GBA.

Kazooie: The foul mouthed one returns as well! Although you don't have access to her at the start of the game. She's there to assist Banjo on his adventure, it might look like Kazooie's doing all the work, but Kazooie needs Banjo's assistance to do most of her moves, likewise Banjo!

Mumbo: The Shaman returns to be the lazy shaman he was in BK instead of adventuring out in BT. He's there to transform you into 4 different animals, but he needs a Mumbo Totem for his magic to actually work

Bozzeye: Bottles (from BK/BT) distant cousin is there to help Banjo and Kazooie relearn moves from BK, as well as learn new ones, although it comes at a price --- notes, which aren't hard to find, but is there a reason he would need them?

Grunty: The witch from BK is back, in her new mecha suit! You face her a few times in the game, and she 'upgrades' as well.

Klungo: Grunty's assistant is there to help Grunty with all of her dirty needs. You face him as a boss as well sometimes.

Jiggywiggy: He's there to help you open the worlds with the Jiggys you collect.

Honey B: Hollow honeycombs is what she likes, and she will trade them to increase your energy bar.

Jinjo Oracle: He is there to give you clues and information about finding Jiggies and Jinjos, but in order for him to give you information, you need to show him your dedicated to saving Jinjos--- by naturally, saving them.

  Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Complete Walkthrough

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